Wonderfull vinyl

Just spent a couple of ours listening to my Linn LP12 with a relatively new Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum cartridge through a Superline/Supercap DR. It sounds wonderfull.

After getting rid of my CD player and buying a Linn KDS, the advantages of streaming (Tidal) has meant that I have not listened much to vinyl in the last couple of years. It is just so convenient and fun. Still, tonights session really drove home the sonic advantages of a good vinyl set-up. The Koetsu replaced a Dynavector DRT DV-s which was certainly ’good’ but I really never really warmed to it. The Koetsu is in a different league, magical even.

The Superline is also an extremely good phono stage. I must say that I think Naim is missing out by not promoting it more now that there is a vinyl resurgance and high end phono stages are being launched left, right and center by other brands, often at extortionate prices.

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Hi Hans, I really understand your point and I share your feelings about vinyl qualities. I never ceased using vinyl even though recently I could not use my LP12 that needed servicing and I used CDs only.
In the meantime I restored an old Yamaha yp800 turntable and updated the phono stage to a Stageline/Flatcap combo that made me discover vinyl again. Then I bought VPI Prime and since it arrived it has almost immediately become my primary listening source.
It could be the age or the fact that I was born with vinyl, I cannot tell, but, that’s it.
And with vinyl it does not have to be a top VPI or Koetsu to be enjoyable… :grinning:



I too have LP12 - acktute level, I have only every used a stageline S in my system, love the warmth and detail of my Lp12, don’t get me wrong love my NDX but just love Lp12 that much more

having heard the Aro, I am changing my arm this year to the new kid on the block - Javelin


I have to agree,it’s vinyl and streaming for me. I have a Lp12, aro, Armageddon which I love but recently I heard the tangerine mods done by Phil March at Phonography and the results were nothing short of outstanding, really worth getting a listen if you can.

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I just got a DV DRT XV-1s, as an upgrade from a Clearaudio Concerto V2. I’ve never heard a Koetsu (and my dealer doesn’t carry them), but I love the sound of the XV-1s. However, I am not using a Superline. I have a Herron Audio VTPH-2a, which is a tube (er…valve) phonostage.

I have a ND5-XS and it isn’t close to the quality of my LP playback so I mostly play records for serious listening.

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I don’t use streaming, my sources are CDS 3 and an Akurate LP12, upgraded with Radikal and Urika.

A couple weeks ago, I replaced the Ortofon Cadenza Blue I was using with a Kiseki PurpleHeart, and it’s been my primary source since. There seems to be something about analogue that just does it for me, and the Kiseki is simply magical in my setup.

Vinyl rules! :smile:


Wonderful cartridge!


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