Wondering if a UK NAC 282 will work here, in US

With a US napsc and Hicap Does the voltage matter on the preamp?

If your power supplies are US voltage the pre amp will be fine

your napsc and hicap may need to be changed to 120v if they are not already. apparently, this is not difficult as it involves switching wires to different inputs on the transformer.

I understood that some US homes have 220V or thereabouts available as well as 110/120? If so then possible UK voltage would work, though you may need to check whether earthing (grounding) is appropriate?

no, afraid not. standard in the u.s. in 120v. there are a few applications for 220v (electric clothes driers, for instance), but that is the far, far minority.

expect all of the plugs in your house/apartment to be 120v.

seriously, changing the transformer wiring from 220v to 120v is very easy. i’ll see if i can find the link i saw about it.

There are some appliances in US homes (electric ovens (not counter-top but the main oven in the kitchen), electric clothes dryers, whole-home air conditioners, and in my case the charger for my car) that require or prefer 240v. They can be wired to the main box, but with different wiring than the standard 120v outlets - because the 240v appliances draw much more current (30 amps) than the common items plugged into 120v outlets. And the actual outlet is different; they are called NEMA 14-30R, but there are other variations based on use and electrical code requirements.

The mod is against the forum rules about modifying Naim boxes.

What can do an us :us: person if he buys a Naim uk amplifier from an auction site?
A dealer can transform it in 110v? Just curious

Yes dealer here can do it, or a UK dealer can do it.

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Hi all and thanks so much for the feed back! All, have been great answers! We have 115/120 here and 220v have different plugs and are for driers/water heaters. =). The 282 doesnt have a power cord and was hoping, I could just change the NAPSC and it would work here in America.

That’ll work. You could also have the voltage changed on the napsc. Shouldn’t cost much.

AFAIK, the 282 is using DC power from the external supplies, so provided that the NAPSC and HICAP etc are expecting the 110v input then they will be outputting the correct DC for the 282. Given that the only supply provided with a 282 is the NAPSC then it seems that it is this little PSU that changes a 282 from an EU to a US model when sold as a set.

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This should only ever be done by Naim, an approved Naim servicer (which may sometimes be your Naim dealer) or by your Naim distributor. Fuses and labelling also need to be changed at the time.

As others have correctly pointed out, as there’s no mains transformer inside, a NAC282 can be used anywhere in the world. Only issue is the NAPSC which needs to be suitable for local voltage.

It will be Best to talk to AV Options and ask them to fix this for you for a fee.

NAC282 and power supplies are very expensive …so better with a qualified dealer.

i never said the 282 needed to be changed – i only said the napsc.

I know. And I clarified it should only be done by Naim, a Naim distributor, or an authorised Naim service/repairer.

Sent an email to AV and Naim =)

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Either can do it – personally I’m happiest working with AV Options for out of warranty work. Great folks.

Bart, Nick from AV emailed me back. You can just change the NAPSC. They are great. Two thumbs up!

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