Wood burning stoves, Multi-Fuel Stoves and fuels

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And our washing. :triumph:

Arrived on Friday morning:
3 bags of hardwood and 1 bag of softwood …three hours later all stacked neatly in the woodshed, had to go it a bit due to showers, that wheelbarrow has never moved so fast :sun_behind_rain_cloud:


Well done Debs on getting the firewood in.

Delivery logistics remain an issue for me, but I really need to explore better options than picking the stuff up myself.

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Anyone lit up yet?

Gave the music room a big declutter/clean on Sunday and lit a couple of logs.

Amazing how a good delcutter/cleanup makes it all sound so much better!


I dunno if this will suit you, but received this offer from Traditional Beams dot com.
It’s a bit dear at £370, but more or less in the same ball park as what i purchased locally: 4 x dumpy bags for £415 albeit mainly oak.

TB state it’s birch and the volume is equivalent to 3.5 dumpy bags :woman_shrugging:
Also could try the discount coupon [ LOYAL20 ] for £20 off = £350 including delivery UK mainland.


Thanks Debs, pallet deliveries are something I’ve considered but could be tricky due to the off-road parking on our street. We are always jostling for parking spaces, something which has become a real issue in the past few years, particularly in the daytime as local school and shop staff regularly park on our street to walk to work. While I suspect a lorry could unload a pallet somewhere, guaranteeing they could to so immediately outside on a particular delivery day could be tricky but it’s still something to consider. Did see an ad the other day for a company who might be able to swing a bulk bag over a wall with the on truck crane, but again that wouldn’t be ideal if it wasn’t close to the house.

The road used to be a lot quieter traffic wise but this has increased significantly due to council road restrictions/usage changes which they continue to worsen for local residents.

I’ve wondered about them dropping a pallet or tipper load in the rear lane - that would temporarily block the lane but it’s been gated at either end for years for security reasons, residents having keys for access.

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Here comes your logs! :grinning: :+1:



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Bought some Hotties heat logs a few weeks ago from Wicke’s - the prices are potty now compared to a few years ago.

I don’t think they seem to burn quite as well as they used to, maybe it’s me as I’ve bought many types of heat logs over the years.

I saw Wicke’s had an offer on two other types of heat log yesterday so nipped down to get a few packs to compare.

Despite them being inside they must have stored them outdoors as all the packs were expanding with crumbling logs. Not that long ago I asked them why they had kiln-dried logs out in torrential rain by the door - lad at the till looked at me as though I was from another planet ‘logs mate, they’ll still burn’.

This ‘Ready to Burn’ certification is complete baloney when it is only applicable to fuel which has been stored correctly in the first place.


First fire of the seasons, loving the oak this year.




Not the first of the season but I suspect we’re a bit further north.



It’s dropped to 6.5 C according to the car as I drove back from social tennis.

Enjoyed 2nd half of France vs SA on the projector, lit the fire and am now indulging in Within Temptation on the big screen.

This is the life…


My friend’s farmer brother delivered a trailer-load today.
Mostly oak, and fairly dry, not bad for £140 :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Bit of a job to wheelbarrow it around the back to the woodshed.
Just about had enough room to squeeze it in.
Have enough supply to last out the next Ice-age! :mammoth:


Looks cosy for logs


Loaded up my neighbours log store as a favour over the weekend with 3 tipper loads of softwood, had to be barrowed in, 45 in total, and then split as was a bit chunky. Let’s say I won’t be volunteering again next year! Oh and that was after I repaired the roof with sheets of OSB and new felt!


Kids stuff, :grinning:
8 cube of 50 cm stacked here. As they sat it warms you twice, once when you are cutting/ stacking, again when you burn it.


That’s true, it was a good cardio workout, stacking is handy enough it was the barrowing up hill and then splitting that was tiring, and too much bending! Satisfying work though.