Words or phrases that are like nails down a chalk/blackboard

The verb to be “sat” drives me nuts too. We’ve lost that battle, though.

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Pronouncing the letter ‘H’ as ‘haytch’.

A sentence where every other word/phrase is either ‘like’ or ‘sort of’.

Starting a sentence with the word ‘So….’

I suspect these have already been mentioned.

‘Reflections’ = modern word for ‘Opinions’. Most probably reflections is preferred because its more of a ‘Woke’ word (safer) while the word opinions is too specific inspiring controversy and taking sides…

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“Due to the late arrival of the incoming aircraft.”

Not an excuse.
Not a justification.
Not a reason.
Not an apology.

They might as well say ‘it’s late because it is’.
This is what they mean, and is more honest.
Presumably they rely on this fatuous incoming aircraft non-excuse because the real reason is either that they are rubbish at running an airline, or because bits fell off the aircraft concerned.


A Mega pint

Probably true but if bits are falling off the plane I’d (1) want them to fix it regardless of time and (b) not tell me. :grin:

Be careful when you’re here next there’s a certain budget airline that to my knowledge has never been on time.

My understanding of the two is different, Gandalf.

To ‘reflect’ on something is to go back and ‘possibly’ reassess. To have an opinion might negate the action of reassessment.

There is a very good book called The Reflective Practitioner, written before ‘Woke’ became vogue. And pretty much explains how useful reflection can be in all walks of life. I assume that we have all engaged in some type of reflection in our lives.

Reading your post again, I may have strayed off yout path a little.

However, if you mean that people have substituted the word opinions for reflections…I have a reflection on this or my reflection is…then I have not come across this.

Thank you for your two replies and I take note of their contents. You may have a point. When I heard the words ‘what’s your reflection on what you heard from him (or both of them)’ It immediately made me smile because I thought he was asking in a way his opinion, but opinion may be too strong a word and nowadays the words ‘reflection’ is more in vogue with ‘Woke’ together with other current words like ‘thank you for including me in your ‘space’ ’ or’ 'thank you for your ‘imput’.

Reflective practice still seems to be very much the in thing in management and related training. However, as one very thoughtful person of my acquaintance once pointed out, the problem in engaging in constant reflection is that there’s a danger that you only ever see yourself.


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Of course.

Can’t bear it. Had a lifetime of it from a family member.

Please, I beg you not to use it, at least in this forum.


Adding to my own thread:

Turned around and said…

Critical/serious listening


Noise floor lowering

Cancel culture


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Preceding foods and drinks.
Usually (not always, but…) a sign of complete bllcks.

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Please find attached” It is not as though the sender was hiding it.
To be honest” as though the speaker was lying at all other times! (I am ashamed to admit that in a moment of desperation I said this, this morning)

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‘At the minute’ instead of ‘At the moment’.

Reach out.
Couldn’t resist.
Can’t Wait.

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Going forward…

Back in the day…

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Like - When like used in a like sentence where it has like no meaning whatsoever!

What the hell is that all about :thinking: