World Cup 2022

Brazil clearly know what they are doing when their front line striker is that nice lad Richie, and Gordavrige Jesus (for all his holy connections) can barely make their bench…

Great goal, Richie :grin:

Nah, seems ‘off’.

BBC i player UHD has been nice to watch.

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From the BBC…

‘Richarlison has scored nine goals in his last seven appearances for Brazil in all competitions, becoming the eighth Brazilian to score a brace on his World Cup debut, and first since Neymar in 2014. Meanwhile, Jesus has been filing his nails on the bench.’
OK, maybe I made up the last bit.

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Robin Williams could have been describing some of the recent world cup matches back in 2002…

I thought Serbia should have played to their strengths rather than try and hold on for a draw and maybe nick a goal which they didn’t even do it wasn’t one thing or the other which is a shame because they have a very, very talented side.

Tadic and Kostic (though he didn’t play) are up there with the best midfielders in Europe as is Savic and a forward line of Vlauhovic and Mitrovic would scare any defence.

Brazil looked pretty ominous in the second half - England V Brazil final would be something to savour

Excuse me if I don’t get too excited over England’s beating of Iran there is a very good reason why the players where annoyed more about letting those two goals in than they where happy with the win because it’s a problem.

You’ve got the most deadly strikers, midfielders and even defenders in front of goal assembled in one place but it is the team who defends the best who usually wins these tournaments not always but usually.

For me the most impressive thing about Brazil last night was the defending they kept out some of the best attackers and attacking midfielders in Europe and didn’t even break sweat.

Lucky, Lucky Wales

It’s been a terrible game and Iran look more likely to score. Not sure what has happened to Ramsey since he left Juve, and Bale is just a passenger.

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On fire for Brazil. Pity he can’t do the business for Spuds… :rofl:

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I almost wasted two hours of my work day on this.

Puts England’s result against Iran in a different light. Unless Wales really are cr*p. Sorry, Wales.

Much as I want Wales to do well, and I really do, they were terrible in first half against USA and only a bit better in second half. Not surprised by this result against Iran

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Unfortunately we (Wales) got the result we deserved. A very, very poor performance; outclassed by a better Iranian team who showed more composure and controlled the ball better. How many misplaced passes? distinctly average. No question over the red card. Was Gareth Bale even playing? England on Friday…!


Iran deserved to win that to be fair, Wales weren’t even at the party.

A shame for us but Iran just looked far sharper from the start.

Replays always look worse but that was potentially very dangerous and I don’t think we can argue with the red.

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Yep, not to say that I am not totally gutted because I am but I can’t argue the fact that Iran had a goal disallowed (correctly) plus hit both the uprights within a minute. We just looked pedestrian and devoid of ideas.

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Can’t believe the ref initially gave a yellow for Hennessey’s Kung-fu knee to the head :sweat_smile: