World Music

I started off an Indian Folk Music thread a while back which lead me to listen to Traditional African Music too so rather than start another separate thread for African Music I’m starting a World Music Thread to bring them both under the one banner.

Also I’m interested in all types of Traditional Music so if anybody wants to give me a heads up on any musical traditions of any peoples and also share their own tastes and experiences with the Forum I think it could interesting for us all.

I’ll kick of with my Grandmother’s favourites The Dubliners.

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There are 3 volumes on cassette only as far as I’m aware, but wonderful music worth tracking down.

Thanks @igahman I can’t find your reccomendation yet but whilst looking I found this incredible Healing Song and Dance from Malawi.

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In my youth I could think of nothing more tedious than listening to world music, however as I’ve got older and my musical tastes have widened, Ive come to really love the genre.

Probably accelerated with a trip to Cuba, but also some great recommendations along the way from the Naim Forum.

This is probably my favourite album in the World Music genre, it’s not traditional, but it’s absolutely great


Maybe it’s too mainstream for what you are looking for in this thread, but Mali has produced and continues to produce some great musicians…

Reminds a bit of this

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Far from it Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate are two of the artists I’ve been listening to lately.


Another World Music crossover tune by 1 Giant Leap featuring Micheal Stipe and Asha Boshle check out the LP it’s a great mixture.

I’ll be looking out for some more recommendations, couple of interesting ones so far.

Couple of other obvious artists to have a look at would be

  • Songhoy Blues
  • Bassekou Kouyate
  • Roberto Fonseca
  • Imarhan
  • Kikagaku Moyo ( if you fancy a bit of Japanese stoner rock with a couple of traditional instruments! Probably don’t fit too well in your brief though I guess)

Tari Khan the different sounds and variations of pitch this man can get out of two small drums is incredible.

Thanks for that. The compilation cassette has track listing on discogs. So while getting hold of the tape might be difficult, I think you will find it interesting researching the artists when you have free time. It will definitely be rewarding listening to traditional music from Malawi.

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I saw Chartwell Dutiro play the mbira, a thumb piano mounted on a gourd at folk festivals and WOMAD and on tour.
He was from rural Zimbabwe, but had lived and worked in the UK for many years. Chartwell is the name of Churchill’s country house, given to him by a white doctor. He was an engaging performer and explained the heritage of the mbira to his audience. He was an ethnomusicologist as well as a performer. I am sorry to say he died in 2019 which I discovered this morning. This is
Spirit Talk Mbira Tatenda I bought my CDs from him at performances, so I’m not sure if they are widely available.

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Krar Collective - Tizeta

I first became aware of this Ethiopian group when they realeased a 12" Mother Ethiopia with
Paul Weller.

Many Thanks Stokie I’ve never heard this artist or this instrument and enjoying it immensely exactly why I started this thread.

From Lahore Jaubi - Lahore State of Mind

A nice reworking /remix of Lahore State of Mind by South London producer Al Dobson Jnr.

This Bluegrass music documentary made in 1965 features many old timers taking the musical styles and dancing back to the very early 20th century.

Listen to the the old man singing on 25 mins and you can clearly hear the singing styles of modern singers like Leanne Rhymes.

Which gives me an excuse to play Leanne Rhymes singing Amazing Grace one of the best singers of any genre in my opinion.

Happy to contribute. I see that Mbira has its own informative website with a section on the role of the instrument and one on many players in Zimbabwe. There are lots of videos, some players have toured the USA, so perhaps the Mbira is poised to have a wider listenership?

Caution Shonhai [Tichakunda music group]

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Readers of Bob’s most excellent thread might be interested in a couple of BBC resources: World Routes, presented by Lucy Duran (and Kershaw when in favour) (no-longer on air, but archive here)
On BBC Sounds, there’s Music Planet which started recently
Radio 3 has the high quality bit rate feed. But I listened to Lopa Kothari the presenter with Cheng Yu on my phone while working. Programme on Chinese music, very listenable for a European audience.