Worst Cover of a song ever

What do you reckon is the worst cover version of a song ever recorded. My nomination goes to American Pie by Madonna

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This is worse;

Actually, I congratulate you on a very difficult question.

I don’t think Madonna’s version was a bad as it seemed at the time.

Compared to Julie Covington’s wonderfully phrased and emotional version, IMV this is horrible - No,No,No:

My nomination goes to Take That doing smells like teen spirit … urggghhh Let me put a record to get it out of my head ! the noise !


Not necessarily with this song, but Shirley could upstage many singer’s original songs.

There are many worse versions - I played an old Marti Webb LP the other day, wish I hadn’t .

Rolf Harris murdering Stairway To Heaven



Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”. All version of this awful dirge are terrible, but Buckley’s stands out as the worst of the worst.


ALL versions? That arrangement was originally done by John Cale and was majestic.

I don’t generally believe in purely negative threads like this, but I cannot resist mentioning the utter annihilation of La Vie en Rose committed by Lady Gaga which I had the misfortune to stumble accross on Tidal.

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The Gypsy Kings singing Hotel California. Hands down. I’m ashamed to own it.

Really sorry to inflict this on you guys - if you’re brave enough to hit play can I suggest you get something lined up ready to play immediately afterwards to get it out of your head…

Okay, so I actually liked the movie a lot. But the Lady Gaga rendition of La Vie en Rose was spectacularly awful. You’re absolutely right about that.

Yeah, I can’t stand the song. And Buckley’s off-key caterwauling is like nails on a chalk-board. It’s like a perfect storm to me.

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William Shatner did a pretty dire version of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

No, please don’t be ashamed. I rather like it. And of course it features in The Big Lebowski during the scene where we meet Jesus in the bowling alley (I won’t post link due to the language being a bit colourful, but you can search for the scene on Youtube).




But he did a great version of Rocket Man with Steve Hillage (on the Madison Square Garden album), although I admit most of that was the band rather than the ‘singer’.

Possibly the worst rendition of Roy Orbison’s Crying but definitely the funniest!!


As a life long die hard Pink Floyd fan this rendition of ‘Great gig in the sky’ by Yoko Ono made me weep