Worst jokes

I can’t be alone in feeling that the Best Jokes thread has recently plumbed new depths of crass unfunniness, or dull plagiarism. The very latest crop, apart from being sub-literate, are borderline offensive. Perhaps it’s time to draw a veil…


You have a point, and I think quality, not quantity should be the priority. It’s so easy to copy stuff that circulates around Facebook etc. with little thought as to whether or not it’s really funny. Still, it’s also a subjective judgement, so I find that just scrolling past is the best approach.


Chris, as I’ve written before in a number of occasions whenever this subject comes up, the forum membership is broad and diverse, so if You find anything in the jokes thread particularly offensive the flag it and it will be removed. Otherwise, apart from jokes that clearly breach forum AUP, it’s very difficult to police to satisfy everyone.


Like most things in life, you have a choice. Don’t seek to deny others the same privilege.


Hear hear - nobody is forcing anybody to read any posts.

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There are a few bad jokes I could mention, but the post would be removed on political grounds!


Then why is someone stood behind me, looking menacing and telling me telling me to do so?

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