Worth adding old XP5 XS to NDAC?

Hello all,

Local shop has a used one for a low price. Does anybody use one of these with there nDac? Worth it?


I have heard one into a NDX-2. It is an audible improvement but obviously not as good as its bigger brothers. Obvious answer is to try it and see if it is worthwhile to you.

Some time ago I asked myself the same question. Finally I bought one second hand and actually got one aftermarket PSU also for comparison. I did extensive listening between these two and in the end, kept the aftermarket one. XP5XS did improve compared to no PSU at all, but I’d maybe look for XPS DR or some other options instead.

Thanks guys.

Anybody else have any experience?

Unless you are after a visual match between nDAC and XP5XS, I wouldn’t really bother.

Of course any external powe supply will improve the nDAC, but if anything I’d start searching for a pre-loved 555PS (non-DR). They can be surprisingly affordable. And sound-wise the catapult nDAC into a stratosphere :wink:

Some years ago I ran a XP5 XS with my ND5 XS and frankly the improvement was subtle.


Yes I’ve used that combination and still have it as a second source. I like the XP5XS on the nDAC. I tried an XPS2 and felt the XP5 offered 80% of the performance for half the cost. For me it took a 555PS to really better the XP5 but the 555PS is a lot more money.

Thanks all for the feedback. I think it will just come down to how good of pricing I can find.

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