Would love some purchase advice

I’m sure you get tons of these posts asking for buying advice, but I hope you indulge me. Currently I have a Luxman l505ux and an RME ADI 2 FS DAC. These play through Q Acoustics Concept 500 speakers (love them), I use a Roon ROCK server to stream.

I am looking into a Naim integrated and would like to know what might be the best starting point, sound wise.

A Uniti Star/Nova or Nait XS 3/Supernait 3 with an external streamer (like a Bluesound Node)? My instincts say the Nait/Supernait, but would it sound that much better? Budget is roughly $7k or so.

Thanks for any consideration.

All of the items you list are excellent. Your goals/requirements are a critical factor. The most expensive options have the POTENTIAL to sound the best, but they may not if your requirements/implementation undercut their success.

The Luxman L-505uX looks (and probably is) lovely, by the way.

My local Naim dealer demos a small selection of Luxman pieces which I find hugely compelling, sound-wise; but, alas, they are functionally disqualified for my needs. No shame on them at all.

I rely on Naim’s system automation delivered by their NDx products to their excellent NAC552 for whole-house control - part of MY “requirements”.


I’d definitely give it all a try. I have both Naim and Luxman systems. They are like chalk and cheese in terms of different presentation so you’d think it would be clear to determine which style you personally prefer. But it isn’t and I couldn’t. Unless you dislike the Luxman sound, I think you might find you miss it once the rush of the new has worn off. I have kept both and just use them in different rooms.

I think the Concept 500 deserve far more amp than a Supernait 3 or a Nova. Definitely in the NAC282/HiCap/NAP250 territory for amplification suitable to that level of speaker. I am sure that is not what you want to hear as that is a different ballgame of cost entirely.

Given the current supply problems, you might be better off demoing what you can and playing the long game and saving your pennies for another year or two.

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Hi @fuzzychaos, is there something about the Luxman you don’t like? Maybe demo a Naim streamer with it at home first and see if that gets you to where you want to be. Have a look at the ND5XS2 and the NDX2.

@JamesBKK nothing wrong with the Luxman, I just have an urge to try something different. I’m still trying to figure out what I really like.

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