Would? ( you make the improvement)…

Thanks HH for the input. The tweeter stands ( as showned on picture) at 95cm .
The Rx2 are quite big for a standmount.
I Will try not to make drill s on the wall.

If you where me, would you change the speakers? Or source? I usually listen in 20-30’s UQ volume

The obvious thing is that the speakers are rear ported and at far from ideal to be near the back wall. That said, they are very easy to drive which helps in your 20m2 room.

A SuperUniti will get more from the speakers you have whereas new speakers will change the sound. If your bass is loose and boomy I’d change the speakers for something smaller, and sealed or front ported. It’s possible to get little stands to go under speakers when used in your situation, which should help a lot. One speaker that appeals hugely, though I’ve never heard it, is the ProAc Tablette 10. The Iota is excellent though not very efficient and may be a bit lost in your room.


Funny you mention that: as i said in another thread, when i made the audition for my UQ2 at the dealer, i couldn t take my MA’s so i tested it with “similar” speakers. kef 50 , Dynaudio xcite 14 and the Tablette. I prefer the proAcs signature sound, although i remember thinking that the best tweeter came fron the Dyn’s.

Actually the base sound I receive from my MA’s is not boomy or lacking, but by sitting to close, im not gain the total benefict , for physics reason. Beyond that, my reason for eventual upgrade is , because of my displacement, try to gain finesse at medium high spectrum. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the kind guidance HH

You could try rotating your existing speakers 90 degrees with bass units inside.


Thanks Gwarminger. Never thought of that approach. Tweeter should go lower. Suppose doesn’t influence the speaker’s functionality…

Hi, @anon29651526, and thanks for the feed-back.

I have also the ProAc Tablette 10 SE in another system in our bedroom, aside the ProAc SM100 in another in the living room, and they are in a differente category than the Menuets and the Iotas: in my view, they are a sure bet in that system, sealed boxes, with their high impedance and medium sensibility, a good match with electronics, room and positioning; but try some kind of feets under, Isoacoustics have a range with very good results, both in direct feet (Oreas) and in desktop stands, and not so much priced.

Not really. in fact it is a technique used regularly with monitors and medium standmounters to prevent the suspensions deformation by gravity.


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I have this similar situation 10 or 12 years ago. My speakers (on stands) would be out from the corner, slightly in front of the credenza ie. rear of speaker few inches from the front of credenza. Try this configuration and see although it will not be a long or short term solution. At least you will know the potential of the speakers when the placement is optimised.


Thanks for the input. I’ll try that.

In the office I have a UQ1 with wall (post actually) mounted Ls50’s on basic Pinnacle mounts, with Herbie’s grungebusters at the points where the mount meets the speakers. Sounds amazing, though the Ls50’s are heavy so one needs to really bolt the mounts to something solid.

If you do stick with them on the credenza, be sure to put something to isolate them in between.

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Try inverting them and experiment with distance from the wall as much as you can within the restrains of that unit. I don’t suppose you can get away with blu tac but try a couple of dusters between speakers and cabinet for a modicum of decoupling. Anything that’s free to try might just save you a bit of cash and a lot of agro.

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