Wow! NDS + 555PS DR

My NDS has now been up and running roughly 1,5 weeks and I’ve been in the mountains in the meantime. Once home I just had to listen. Now I’ve listened to a few known and some unknown songs streaming from Tidal through bubble upnp.

I just wanted to share what a revelation this player is compared to the NDX. Which of course it should be. I however never got the chance to hear the NDX with the 555ps dr making this streamer option quite some bit more expensive.

It would have been interesting to hear the NDX with the 555ps dr. But unfortunately or luckily I got a nice offer when trading it in.

But the music coming out of this one is something else entirely. I’d say addictive!


Having made a simiar move over the past 13 months in stages I can only agree.

I went NDX to NDX > XPS DR > NDS XPS DR > NDS 555DR. The last jump was massive, the 555DR is very important but the NDS with XPS DR blew the NDX away as you would hope it would do.

I’ve not heard the NDX with a 555 DR but I have with a non DR. I wasn’t convinced that the 555 non DR gave anything over the XPS DR on the NDX. This aligns with some dealer advice which said that the differences between an XPS DR and 555 Non DR are not cut and dried and there are advantges to both.

I’ve now added Roon using a bridge which makes Tidal and QoBuz as good as local UPNP streaming (WAV) and thoughts of upgrading teh source have vanished, I’m just loving the music!

We both now have Naims second best streamer after the ND555. I’m sure it will give pleaure for many years to come.

Do you have your 282 back yet?


Not yet. Still waiting and enjoying music with my 82 in the meantime. :blush:


I went ND5XS (range of UPnP servers) -> ND5XS + NP5XS (Asset UPnP on RPi + LPS) -> NDS + NP5XS -> NDS + 555DR -> NDS + 555DR + SonoreUPnP Bridge for ‘Roon Readiness’

The jump from ND5XS to NDS was huge, and the NP5XS did a good job, but the 555DR made it better again.

The use of the SonoreUPnP bridge and use of Roon, makes it a great UI for managing and exploring music and then a great sound.

Even better again with a EtherREGEN Port B feeding the NDS through a Chord Sarum streaming cable.

Now, a 2nd 555 PSU?


Yeah the bridge thing is something I am considering. Bubble upnp sounds quite a bit better than native Tidal, however, it’s not smooth to operate using Linns app. Also, since I have bubble on a MacBook it sometimes goes to sleep even though I have no-sleep installed. @trickydickie showed me a way to get Roon without Sonore but to my head it was complicated to a degree where I just stopped trying and got back to listening😁.

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Has anyone done a direct comparison between NDS with 2 x 555DRs and ND555 with 1 x 555DR?

Not me!

@Lucifer…just as a matter of interest do you have any DSD files and do they play OK via Linn’s app and BubbleUPnP?

Sorry no such files. I only stream from Tidal.

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I have DSF files and they play on the NDS as DSD64, either through the Asset UPnP server, configured for no transcoding, or through the SonoeUPnP brodge, with DoP selected and WAV output (plus no FLAC compression set in the endpoint configuration in Roon).

Thanks Simon…yes, my DSF files play without issue via Asset when using the Naim app. It’s only when I use the Linn app with BubbuleUPnP from my Mac that they won’t play. I’ve got a feeling it might be to do with the ffmpeg versions, tried updating but without success.

Does the BubbuleUPnP solution pass the DSF ‘as is’?

I believe so…I can only find 2 places where it’s possible to set transcoding via the GUI (see screenshots below). I’ve tried the playing with the “Decode audio to PCM for” but it had no effect and given the NDS supports DSD it seems to be set correctly.

I would suspect that BubbleUPnP doesn’t support DSF files

I can’t actually help you, as never used this - I use Asset (which does) and Roon through the SonoreUPnP bridge (which does, and down converts DSD128, DSD256 and DSD512)

Also seems a shame that you are missing out on Tidal Masters support.

I agree with you that the Naim App based integration for Tidal can be bettered, but with the Roon integration, the 1st MQA unfold of the Tidal Master is performed in the Core, and upto 24/96 is output to the NDS, which makes quite a difference.

Thanks Simon…I trialed Roon and really liked it particularly given I could run the control app on my Mac. I’ve not progressed at the moment as I’ll need to upgrade a few things but might come back to it in future.

I think BubbleUPnP does support DSD from some post I’ve seen, it’s not a major issue, might come back to it in the future if I’ve not gone the Roon route

Congrats Lucifer. I have the nds/ 555 dr too and I am very satisfied with the sound. I stream only from my Melco n1/h2.
Will add an Etheregen / lps 1.2 soon normally.
The Nd555 path is too expensive because the second hand nds is very low.

I see that you use the 82. So finally you preferred it to the 282?


Thank you! Yes the NDS is stunning. I listened to some Tom Waits yesterday and it was actually beyond expectation.

The 282 is with Naim for some love and care and will be back here shortly. When so, it will try and combat the 82 in a fight for life and death. May the best pre win.


I wonder if the NDS with off-board processing for Tidal, Qobuz, Roon support etc. when wired (all other inputs disabled) is actually better than a ND555? i.e. just letting the NDS do a pure job, and no other processing or processes?

@Lucifer Have you disabled the front USB input yet?

Now that I have the nas up and running, USB media is now backup storage. Do you infer that disabling the input improves sq?