Wow, the Naim biscuits thread disappeared

Does anybody know what has happened to the NAIM biscuits thread, as it has disapeared suddenly now…? @Richard.Dane, some information…?

I ate more biscuits at the factory than I ever eat at home.

So take care of eating binges…

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There’s an issue with a couple of posts - possibly slanderous allegations made regarding advertising and reviews that I need to investigate. The thread has been isolated while they happens. Which don’t be quickly as we are having so many power cuts today thanks to storm Ciara. Luckily phone still aluve and so is 3G network…


…if members post quotes from various other people on other web sites or publications, then they should reference sources. Otherwise it appears as a troll just stirring the pot.


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Also bear in mind that importing arguments from other forums or social media sites is against forum rules.

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