WPA 3 support Muso Qb2

Does Muso Qb2 support WPA3 for Wifi? If not, will this be available with future firmware updates?


Yes please.

IPv6 is another one I’d like to see. It’s 2021 after all.

Yes! please make this happen. It certainly is possible. Even Sonos recently updated their firmware to work with WPA3. My Atom is the only 5Ghz wifi device not to support WPA3 at the moment…

Paging @Stevesky on this one!

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Hi all,

I can’t comment too much on what is and isn’t in future code releases. We typically don’t ride the very latest tech wave as it can also break a lot of legacy Hifi equipment when we switch. For example ipv6 and old NAS’s, Apple Bonjour with ipv6 and cheap buggy wifi routers, or third party control points that are ipv4 only. However, tech like WPA3 is an important step in the wifi evolution and it’s definitely on the radar.

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Thanks for reaching out on this topic

I do wonder whether IPv6 wouldn’t actually simplify a lot of networking issues, but appreciate the answer. Thanks.

I do feel it’s a bit strange that in 2021 networking devices are still being released that don’t support it. But unfortunately Naim isn’t alone here.

At least my Nova works without problem with a WPA3 enabled router. (Using fallback to WPA2; which is at least not holding other equipment back from using it. My Apple TV 3rd gen just fails to connect, when enabling WPA3.)

IPv6 is really a mixed blessing still (a shame, given how long it’s been around already)… still read on my router/access point/mesh network reviews, it’s not, or not properly supported.
Had to enable it last year (first time) in my home LAN; due to another internet link being now “IPv6 only” with respect to dyn-DNS usage (so devices needed IPv6 to reach out to it). I guess, for the time being it’s “safer” to not enable it by default (for users + support), unless users know what they are doing (and are able to trouble shoot their local networks / check all involved devices) - which then leads to this immensely slow roll-out.

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