Wrong Headphones for N272?

Bit perplexed as to why headphone listening through my Macbook Pro (+ AQ Dragonfly Black DAC) should sound more engaging than the same headphones through my N272 (+ XSPDR + ER).

Not really a fair matchup – so you’d think – so the obvious conclusion is my mobile-device optimised headphones are a poor match for the Naim streamer. Phones in question are Pinnacle P1 (impedance 50 Ohms at 1 kHz, sensitivity 96±3 dB (1mW at 1 kHz).

The N272 manual doesn’t appear to give any info on recommended headphone specs. Yet according to a review, the N272 is ‘designed to drive a wide range of headphones well…’

Any thoughts?


It is just not good of a headphone on 272, easily put to shame by 250$ Gustard and old Creek

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