Xavian Primissima : does it good for Naims?


Yesterday I visited a friend who uses the Audio Note Oto Line SE integrated tube amplifier and uses the Ayon CD Player, the loudspeaker used is Xavian Primissima.
I was very impressed with the sound performance of Xavian, it sounded very lively and open.

Has anyone here used Xavian Primissima and combined it with his Naim system?

thank you

I think the problem the with Xavian speakers is you can only buy direct from them . The perla speakers IMO are the nicest looking small speakers I’ve seen and always get great reviews.

It’s not difficult to find Xavian here, I don’t know the official brand holder myself, but there are many good used conditions in the Indonesian market

I see this Xavian Primissima is an entry level speaker, meaning the name Primissima is my first audio system. But when I listened to it, the sound was amazing, matching the character of Naim’s live voice. The rhythm and timing is also very good. What I like about this speaker is that it is quite heavy, where the weight per speaker reaches 8.2 kg with a high sensitivity of 89 dB so that it will be easily driven by Naim with not so much power.

anybody here using Xavian for Naims ?

Yep, running Xavian Corallo Esclusivos on an SN2 to very good effect.

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