XLD doesn't work anymore, which now?

For ripping my CD’s XLD doesn’t anymore on my iMac.

Is there an other/new program to rip my CD’s?

dBPoweramp is a popular and reliable tool that many use. I use the PC version, and find it easy to use, flexible, usefully does AccurateRip checks if desired, and copes with difficult to read disks.

Hi Rob,
I recently switched from using XLD to using dBPoweramp on our mac mini. It is just as easy to use, if not easier, and is also great for batch converting music files from FLAC to AIFF or WAV etc.

Best regards, BF

XLD is working fine on my iMac. Have you updated to the latest version?

It might be symptomatic of Catalina - Not sure if XLD is compiled for x64. For stuff like those important apps, I generally run them in a VM on a static older version of OSX, then there is no issues with “updates”. Similar to xACT - didnt work with 10.14 for ages, so used VMware Fusion with 10.11.

Seems to be. I just tried, and got the message that it ‘must be updated by the developer.’

This is what i mean :wink:

You have to pay for it?

Yes - its about £30 or so, though there is a basic version that is free - you’d need to check to see if it has all you need. I think it has a free trial available.

Perish the thought!


It is 64-bit.

I can discern no sonic differences in rips using iTunes and XLD. That said XLD still works on my mac pro. It stays mounted though so I uninstall it after I use it.

Developer just made a test version available, you get it from https://tmkk.undo.jp/xld/XLD_dev_191101.zip

Not sure if you are experiencing the same issues as other Catalina usser.
Link taken from the most recent ticket/comment - https://sourceforge.net/projects/xld/

My XLD works fine on my MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina. I didn’t realise there was a pro version. I hasten to add that I did donate for using the free version!

XLD is running fine at this moment on my MacBook Pro and Catalina.

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