Xlr cable question

My 300 came with a couple of chord interconnects- lh and rh xlr cables.

I have some spare 250 xlr cables, not handed. Can I replace the 300’s handed chord ones with the non handed Naim 250 ones?

I think you can but probably won’t sound as good. My early 135’s all came with non-handed din/xlr’s but at some point my dealer said that Naim had found an SQ improvement if the left/right terminal connection was handed.

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Oh…be a tad careful as I have 3 pairs of standard Naim din/xlr’s and they all sound slightly different.

So I could try them without damaging anything?

Yes. There is no 24v on any sockets here to cause any issues.


That’s interesting. When I swapped from a 250 to a 300 I already had a stereo SL din to XLR. I asked Naim if I could get a second stereo SL rather than a mono pair, as the former would have been cheaper. Their advice is that a pair of stereo leads would work fine, but a mono pair would be sonically better. The same would of course apply to the standard din to XLR as they are wired the same as the SL versions.

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Interesting. When the 300 gets back fron Naim I’ll give it a try and see which channel(s) work.

They will both work. You’d be better with mono leads though. If you don’t like the Chords you should probably get a pair of the Naim mono leads, they are not expensive.

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300 cables used on a 250 will result in one channel only, depending on which handed lead you use.
250 leads (as HH mentions) on a 300 will be fine.

Which Chord interconnects were supplied? There’s a wide range of cables from Chord, some of which are exceptionally good.

That’s an interesting observation. When Jason came to my house he adjusted the torque on the XLR plugs, which resulted in quite a noticeable and, of course, free audio improvement.

On second thoughts, you’re right. Although the pin layout is different on the L and R channels, a 250 lead will work with either.

It happens occasionally!

The stereo (250) lead has 2 signal wires and a common return whereas the mono pair has a handed signal wire and a common return. I tested all mine when I was having problems with a SNAXO a few weeks ago

Blue ones? Pretty basic I believe.

… And was (in 1985) made from UK mains cable… Well, mine is - and it came ‘new’ with my 250 in 1985… And still works… :grinning:

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The ones for my (DR’d) 300 were the same.

I replaced them with leads made up from Mogami 2497… A remarkable improvement in quality that shows what the 300DR can do - it was really being held back by the standard IC leads.


When was your NAP300 originally built, if I may ask…?

Can u elaborate- how is it done?