XLR Outputs, Multichannel SACD, and Dolby Vision/HDR!tv

In the market for a Blue ray player, sold my Oppo BDP 95, nice sounding deck, but couldn’t live without a programmable CDP. I know Pioneer and Panasonic has benefited since Oppo has left the market.

I’m in the process of down sizing and contemplating selling my Naim system. Hence, I need a machine in my Family room that can rival Naim’s CDX2.

Family Room System:

Primare Pre 30 (XLR)
Arcam P1 Mono Blocks (XLR)
Arcam P3 FMJ
Vienna Acoustic Baby Grands
Vienna Grand Waltz (3)
Emotiva Dac 1 (XLR) > Pre 30
Emotiva UMC 1

The LX 800 is not Available in the US, but it has been advertised on Ebay @ a hefty price tag!

Any Suggestions???

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