XLR to DIN interconnect?

Any recommendations for XLR to DIN? I’m interested in a DAC that is know to perform better via its XLR outputs versus RCA. Seems like such cables are a rare breed?

Seems likely if a DAC has XLR outputs they are balanced outputs, and you thus can’t use them with Naim gear, since the DIN inputs are unbalanced (like RCA).

Okay. Oh well lol.

I think flashback sales can supply such a cable, but no idea whether it would work though…

Yes of course you can do XLR to DIN. You just won’t get any of the benefit (if there even is one on short run) from balanced connections. Like DIN, XLR has better impedance matching than RCA so there is that I suppose.

Both Chord and Atlas can make up such interconnects to order.

Well not exactly… you can take the -ve balanced signal and +ve balanced signal and connect to ground and signal on the unbalanced input … as long as the balanced 0v ground is floating with respect to the unbalanced ground. A multimeter can confirm this.
The balanced signal will be seen as twice its value by the unbalanced input.
If the 0v/grounds are connected, then you may have to take one of the balanced signal lines only and connect the ground / 0 volts together. This is less ideal… so you will need to specify or be clearly told how the connectors are being wired.

Of course best match unbalanced to unbalanced or balanced to balanced if you can.


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