Xlr to din on nait xs2

I am new to the Naim ecosystem.
I have two amps in 2 paralal systems - unison research triode 25 and Nam nait xs2.
I just got a denafrips ares ii dac and I would like it to work with both amps.
I would like to connect the dac to the triode 25 using rca ic’s.
and the dac to the xs2 with a xlr to din cable.
what kind of cable will I need?
will there be a degradation in sound if both connections are connected in paralal?

Hi, the XLR outputs on your DAC are balanced, so you can’t connect them to an unbalanced input such as the DIN input on your Nait. Also, I suspect the DAC is only designed to use one output cannection, not two connected at the same time, so I think you would need to use just the RCA output.

I wouldn’t have it connected to two systems at the same time. Just use the RCA phono output as it’s single ended, so perfect for the Naim.

thank you for the answer.

are you talking about the phono output from the unison triode 25?

the denafrips dac has only one rca output. and I would like to use the dac with both amplifiers alternatively.

You should use the RCA phono output from the DAC. Only have it connected to one amp at a time.

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