Xlr won’t reach?

Guys I don’t know if I’m being a bit thick here??

Splitting my rack to brains and Braun and got the 300 ps and supercap on the left…with the 300 nap on the right… and I can’t plug the green xlr into the 300 nap ? It won’t reach??


Swap them over, brains on the left, it puts the transformers further from the sensitive bits.

And shortens the distance for the XLRs. :+1:

Wrong way round all power supplies RHS all source LHS cables should reach and hang nice and free. Naim know what they are doing.
I tried my 2 fraim set up other way round out of curiosity and it was wrong on all counts

Cheers chaps…

Such a noobie :joy:

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Sorted! Cables hang so much better!! Thanks for your advice guys!!!

Need a ps for the ndx2 now!!

The ‘home Secretary’ won’t be impressed :joy:


Simple argument to make as the visual imbalance between the two stacks is not aesthetically pleasing. Well done. Get a rug and wall damping though :slight_smile:

Haha… I’m working on it…

What wall dampening would you recommend?

Was thinking about acoustic panels behind the speakers?

Haven’t got a clue which ones to get or how to position them thou

Not yet, my room is somewhat ok and I have just about started to think about treatment. But there is a very good thread, “listening room reality” with all the info. One of the more frequently recommended companies is GIK acoustics, they also offer a recommendation service if you send them a floor plan, etc. There is another company whose name I forgot that is also often mentioned, a bit pricier but prettier maybe (though GIK have been making strides too). Anyways, it’s all in the reality thread