XLR Y Cable

For pre-amp out going to two power amps.

Any suggestions please? They seem to be a bit low on the ground. Using a set of cheap-n-chearfull ones from contact pro audio at the moment but I wondered if there were more audiophile alternatives.

I needed something simillar to go pre-amp to active ATC speakers, Chord are able to supply cables in this configuration, hope that helps

My dealer made mine up from some Naim interconnects took him about 10 minutes max, and did not charge.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Enquiry sent to Chord at the weekend. Reply this morning and I now have a pair of 1m Shawline Female XLR to twin Male XLR on order via my local store.

Thanks for the advice.


Good news, would be interested to hear how you get on

To get up and running I’ve purchased phono to XLR cables from Flashback to connect my 272 to ATC SCM50As as, after splashing out on a Fraim to sit things on I hadn’t the stomach to splash out on cables too at this point…

I know it will happen in the future though so would be good to hear your thoughts

Just had some Flashback 4 pin to XLR sets made. Really pleased with the quality.

They were happy to custom make to my spec (naxo to amps) and delivered in 24 hours.

Highly recommended.

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