Xmas single malt recommendation

Hi all

I have been asked by a couple of family members on what nice malt I would like for Christmas.
I haven’t really had anything over 12years old so fancied something older that I can enjoy with my dad this year.
Any suggestions? I have always fancied but never tried a bottle of GlenDronach 18 year old.
Budget around £100 ish


Depends on the style you like…
If you like smoky peaty malts then my suggestion would be Laphroag Cairdeas Triple Wood - it has a sweet rich finish well suited to wild winter days and all things Christmassy.

As with so many ‘designer’ specials, the age is not given.


I’ve never had a bottle of Glenfarclas I didn’t like. £100 should get a very nice example.

Similar recommend for Highland Park.


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GlenDronach 18 is very nice, like liquid Xmas pud…


Whats in a name …


And if they must have an age declared
Lagavulin 16yr (but only £60-70)
Laphroaig 16yr (around £80-£90)
Caol Isla 13yr (around £90-£100)
Bunnahabhain 18yr (around £110-£120)

All delightful tipples in their different (but characteristically Islay) ways - and all in my whisky cupboard except Bunna which I picked because the 12yr is too cheap for your list.


The last few Christmases I’ve had a Glendronach. Excellent if you like a sherried Malt.

But last year I got the Tamdhu Cask strength. Lovely and not too expensive

This year I have Glenfarclas 25yr which was a Black Friday bargain

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Glen Scotia 15 yr old is perfect for Xmas and only about £50


Gone with the GlenDronach 18year. :grin:


To my taste, the Glen Scotia 15 is wonderful, esp for the price… :tumbler_glass:

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A good choice (IMHO), I think Dad should enjoy it ! :tumbler_glass:

This is Christmassy, and was bought for me last year. Rhum Agricole cask finish. I am not sold on it personally but I like the lighter malts as a rule.

It makes great Whisky Marmalade though-my wife stole a good amount for that purpose.

I have had Glendronach 12 and 18. Lovely, and I thought the 12 wasn’t far off its more expensive cousin if price is an issue.


Try it. you’ll never disappoint. also, consider Arran 18 yo. or Taliskar 18 yo. This is a winning trio.

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Lagavulin The Distillers Edition is in your budget and a beautiful whisky.

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