XP5 XS - can it power new series streamers?

I have XP5 XS and just wondering if it power NDX2 and ND555 ?

I used on my NDS and was surprised how good it actually was. Finally it was replaced by 555PS :grinning:

It could power the NDX2 but not the ND555.
The NDS could be powered in single Burndy configuration + link plug, but the ND555 needs a dual Burndy capable supply - the 555PS.

I can’t be as informed as James but I found it good with a CDX2. The XPS that I got later was better still, but I’m not convinced it reflected the price difference.

As ever with social media, just an opinion.

I also used one (XP5XS) on my NDS after upgrading from a ND5XS, and found it to perform just fine, on a single Burndy configuration.
Obviously not in the same league as a 555DR with twin Burndies to the NDS.
Still haven’t had the funds to split to a dual 555DR configuration.

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