XP5XS on NAC 272

After purschsing a NAC 272 early this year the opportunity has come alomg to buy a second hand XP5XS powersuply at about 40% of new price.

Before listening i would like to know how much of a benefit the powersuply will deliver in relation to the XPS/XPS and to the NAC 272 Itself.
Main question is will the XP5XS hold up against the XPS relative in price.



I ran this configuration for a while, tried an XPSdr but it took a 555dr to replace the XP5XS.

The XP5XS is a worthwhile upgrade for the 272 but I reckon you can pick one up for around £800 on the used market.

I tried an XP5XS when I first got a 272, which I no longer have, and thought there was no real upside at all to using it. No way I would get one, just use the built in supply until you can afford an XPSDR or a 555DR.

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Funny how we all hear things differently :slight_smile:

My view I could hardly hear any difference between the XP5xs and the XPSdr but the XP5xs lifted the performance over a bare 272.

Setting aside sound quality I’d pass on the XP5XS for two reasons - it was never intended for the 272, rather for the ND5xs, and being discontinued and with limited use now the new ND5XS2 cannot use a power supply it will be hard to sell for a decent price should you want something better at a later date.

I would keep saving for an XPSDR or 555PSDR. Both will give a very meaningful improvement and will hold their value a lot better.


From Naims website:-

The NAC-N 272 combines our latest innovations in digital audio technology with classic analogue preamplifier engineering. It samples the best of both worlds to create an immensely musical hi-fi system.

Paired with a NAP 200, NAP 250 or even a NAP 300 power amplifier, the 272 is an ideal choice for those seeking the convenience of a single box streaming system with iOS and Android app control, but that crave hi-fi separates performance. It boasts an impressive array of inputs including high-resolution (up to 24bit/192kHz) UPnPTM streaming, Spotify Connect, iRadio, Bluetooth (aptX), USB, multiroom, TIDAL music streaming support and an optional DAB/FM module. Six digital and three analogue inputs cover integration with a wide range of sources from CD and games consoles to phonostages. It’s also performance upgradable with the addition of a Naim Audio XP5 XS, XPS or 555 PS power supply.

All this functionality does not come at the cost of performance. The 272 has been carefully designed and meticulously hand-crafted to deliver a completely immersive and awe-inspiring music experience.

HH did you ever try the XP5xs on your 272?

This is clearly out of date information, and misleading to anyone who is unaware of the Naim range of streamers. If fact, I think it might be prudent of @NaimAdmin to rewrite it.

I didn’t, no. But that’s beside the point; my comment above was not based on sound quality.

Thank you for the answers so far.

@Hifiman: the unit for sale has a asking price off £975/€1100( Exchange rates in mind as i live in the Netherlands). Wich is about 60% less than the latest selling price and about 75/80% less than a new XPSdr.

@anon4489532: did you try a XPS(dr) powersuply on your NAC 272?

I’ve read somewhere on the internet that the XP5XS has about 80% off the sound quality off a XPS powersuply (on a nd5xs player) is that about right?
Would that percentage make a huge difference on the NAC 272 as it will power the pre-amp section as well?

The thing is i’ve only had the NAC 272 for a short while so i won’t be trading it in soon. Also there are second to none used XPR’s availeble over here, but i guess there will be a reason for that :grimacing:.

I used an XPSDR for about two years and was very happy with it. If there are few available in the Netherlands, just buy one from the UK.

And what are secondhand rates for a used xps(dr) in the UK?

Second tought: would a NAP 250 bring a bigger sound improvement?

What power amp are you using now? A 250 is certainly a nice step up from a 200, but in that case I think I would add an XPS first.

I am using a NAP 200 now. After reading all the posts i geuss i will be saving up some money and do it right once.

Ps. As it happens to be there just came a 555ps on the market. Big difference to a 555dr?

The DR version is a lot better. An upgrade to DR will cost €2,399 excluding VAT from September, so you need to think about how much the non DR model costs and take into account whether you will want to upgrade later. A DR upgraded 555 will be the same as an original 555DR.

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The 555ps is about half of the new price of a 555dr. After upgrade to dr it is only about a £1000 short of new. A no deal i guess.

Graeme on this forum once tried the none DR 555 on his 272 but preferred the XPSdr and sold on the 555.

He has since purchased a 555DR and its a keeper.

You are at a difficult crossroads how big is your budget?

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Hifiman: there wasn’t/isn’t a budget, there is some upgrading room, just not new XPS dr kind of money.

The ball began to roll when the used xp5xs showed up on a second hand sales site, which seemed a reasonable upgrade.
After all of your advise/reactions, including those of hungryhalibut and ChrisSU, questions started to pop up. I guess I am at a difficult crossroad indeed :grimacing:.

The most sensible thing to do seems to save up some penny’s (or Euro’s) and go for a XPSdr. Also based on the discussion in the 250dr to 300dr topic where the dr versions of the powersupply’s seem to have more drive etc.

I also added an XP5XS to an ND5XS once and found no discernible difference. A very limp ps ime and I can see why it was discontinued.


What was it that you liked in the dr versions an not in the 555ps?

But does adding an XP5XS in effect ‘turn off’ or decrease the electrical activity of the 272’s internal PS?