XP5XS psu with NDX2

Thanks to all for opinions/ advice. Will feedback when I try It. The new streaming platform seems much better on NDX2, especially when switching sources. Seamless from NAS to Qobuz , which are my main sources and SQ excellent.

So here’s my opinion after listening with or without XP5XS.
For me the naked NDX2 has greater clarity, wider soundstage and drags out more detail from the music. Percussion and bass and vocals in particular appear to have greater separation.
With the XP5XS the sound was a little more closed with some loss of detail at the top end. The slightly warmer presentation took away some of the brightness revealed by the naked NDX2 on some recordings.
Both setups were excellent and the differences I describe are quite subtle but in the end I just preferred the NDX2 without the power supply “ upgrade”.
I absolutely recognised that different listeners may disagree and apologise for not being able to accurately describe the experience !
Hope this is of some use to fellow forum members but as has been said many times, all that really matters is what you prefer and what gives you most satisfaction and enjoyment .

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I started my Naim journey with a ND5XS, which was an upgrade on the SqueezeBox 3 & Pink Triangle Ordinal DAC I had been using.
I then added a NP5XS to the ND5XS and the improvement was on standard redbook tracks over HiRes, which was great as my library was 90% CD rips, at the time.
The big step was an NDS upgrade for the ND5XS, which I used with the NP5XS, as no internal PSU in the NDS. The NDS gave so much more than the ND5XS. I didn’t try a NDX as there was much in common between the ND5XS and NDX in terms of streamer board, DAC configuration etc.
There is now a bigger different between the ND5XS2 and NDX2 in terms of design and components used.
I replaced the XP5XS with a 555DR on the NDS, and got more again.
Not sure how much a NDX2 gains from either a NP5XS, XPSDR or 555DR or whether the NDX2 is worth the extra for the 555DR, given it will only be using one of the two outputs.
It depends on where you are going longer term - NDX2/XPDR or ND555?
If ND555 then perhaps jump to a 555DR in preparation.

In truth I don’t know where I will be with the journey but for now I’m just going to enjoy getting used to the new NDx2. Probably will consider PSU in future but thanks for the advice and relating your Naim experience.

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