XPS Compatability with NDX

Hi I am using an olive XPS with my ND5 streamer, it’s working superbly, is it correct I cannot upgrade to NDX with the olive XPS, I need to change to XPS2


The olive XPS is not compatible with the NDX. In fact I don’t believe it’s compatible with the ND5XS either.

The below is stated in the NDX/ND5 XS reference manual:

Important: XPS power supplies with serial numbers below 188015 are not compatible with the NDX or ND5 XS and should not be used.

Ouch… OK. Well all seems good, the XPS was added to my ND5 after using it bare for a while.
And the lift in quality was excellent when I added the XPS.
Perhaps the draw on the XPS takes it to its operational limits.

Have you thought about an external DAC to lift sound quality (if you can use one).

I would stop using the Olive XPS if I were you. It’s not designed to be used with the new streamers and you will be overloading it.

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So where does an XP5 XS fit in the hierarchy? And what can it be used with?

Not come across one before but I was wandering around the infamous auction site this evening…

The XP5XS is fine on all products that can use an XPS.

As the name suggests it’s below the XPS in the PS hierarchy, it was part of the XS series rather than the Classic. Guinnless has answered the other question, I don’t think I ever heard of anyone powering an NDS with an XS, but I bet it was done…

This is merely curiosity.

So lower down the hierarchy than an XPS, but perhaps it could power the streamers that the older XPSs cannot. That in itself is somewhat strange as it implies that the “lesser” black XP5XS can do things that my olive XPS cannot.

Not overly concerning at present as I don’t use Naim streamers anyway
But I do have a CDX and a nDAC, with only one XPS (currently on the DAC)…so I can always fit in another power supply…LOL

Yes, the XP5 is lower down the scale than an Classic XPS, I’m not sure if it’s better than an Olive XPS that I power my nDAC with…

I think the restrictions are imposed by the regulators in the Olive version.

There was a thread about the XP5XS and NDAC a while ago.

One advantage is it’s XS size rather than full height, so you could add it to the stack and still reach the LP12.

:grinning: :grinning:

Unfortunately I filled that hole in the mountain with a HiCap for the Stageline…so the cupboard to the left of the stack will have to go - trouble is, it’s full of my camera gear!

And as I head for retirement in five weeks time, I would like to indulge both of my hobbies…although SWMBO is waving a paintbrush at me!

The link was interesting though.

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The XP5-XS came out more-or-less concurrently with the ND5-XS, and meant to be its PSU upgrade. There was never a DR version and it was discontinued along with the ND5-XS.

Hello All,

This issue has puzzled me too, so I got some clarification on the subject today.
The problem is that when the original (olive) XPS was conceived, the current draw on one of the 15V rails was minimal when used with a CD player, so the Supercap transformer could be used. Even though the particular windings were outputting over twice the regulated output voltage.
When a more significant load is placed on that regulator (a streaming unit), it gets hot. So hot that it will reach the threshold whereupon it will shut down.
This is why an XP5XS with a smaller transformer is perfectly happy powering a streaming unit, as its windings have a lower output voltage.

Hope that makes sense.

Edit: Probably should add that the XPS-2 has a dedicated transformer, not a SC.


That’s great info. Thanks for posting, NeilS!

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