XPS directly on top of CDX2?


Finally got myself a dedicated rack shelf ready for my newly serviced XPS2 which is coming back from Class A tomorrow.

The big confession is that before I’d stacked the XPS straight on top of the CDX2 which doesn’t sound like a good idea but I was short of space.

So, exactly to what extent had I been nobbling my system by placing a dirty great PSU so close to my source and how should a dedicated shelf benefit my XPS?


Well once it’s all in place you’ll find out :slight_smile:

The XPS2 will need to run in after the service too but it will sound good from the off.

‘ streuth, of the Naim components, the CDX2 is one of the more if not most sensitive component I have come across on placement… with sitting on full fat Fraim clearly sounding the best, letting the CDX2 really open out and boogie whilst loosing any hardness… so… I would have thought the effect of you placing on your XPS2 on top of your CDX2 becomes readily apparent … on many grounds… so listen and then let us know.

Of course it is entirely possibly you like the effect of the XPS2 sitting on your CDX2 such is the subjectiveness of what sounds good… but it is probably fair to say the CDX2 wasn’t designed to be used this way.

Plugged the XPS in with the following results:

Stone cold, very laid back / regressed and much less fun than the bare CDX2.
Definitely much tighter lower end straight off the bat though.

Warmed up after 2-3 hours, much more detail, resolution and forward soundstage. The tight bass remains which I really like.

Hoping there’s a little more to come with the top end but for now, definite progress.

Hi. I’ve tried a few positions for the XPS DR on Fraim and found the best is furthest away from the source, in my case NDX2, as possible. Easy enough to try.

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