XPS DR Circuit Breaker issue?

My newly installed XPS DR sometimes breaks the main circuit when powering up. Faulty device or do I need to change something with the main circuit breaker? Installation in our house is quite new, never had any problems with other electric devices.

You could try a Type C circuit breaker. Also, order some genuine spare XPS fuses from a reputable Naim dealer. Just incase.

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So I guess this is not an unusual problem with xps? XPS fuse is still ok.

Apparently not. FWIW - my XPS DR has chewed quite a few fuses but never tripped my mains circuit. On the other-hand my Naim dealer said their XPS DR used to trip their mains circuit quite often, but not fuses🤔

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@Desmond seems to have a similar issue. How did you get that sorted out, @Desmond

So does the XPSDR have a greater inrush profile than the XPS?

Why is that?

The issue is not unusual. I solved the problem by instaling a special audio breaker (google kemp-elektronics-cylindric-fuse-cartridge). This is a Siemens product and should be available in a lot of countries.

But what you appear to be suggesting is that the “problem” should be solved upstream of the XPSDR, rather then correcting the control of inrush current of the XPSDR?

There’s no difference with the inrush current regardless of the regulation type.

I’ve had my Supercap and XPS internal fuses blow during a very short power outage. No breaker tripped though.

Now that really made me laugh!

PS. I used to do this stuff for a living…. But, hey ho :rofl:


My old xps had a habbit of tripping the circuit if it was turned on too close to turning on my supercap, this has never happened with ps 555 witch is strange.

I’m no (ex) professional but what does “correcting the control of inrush current” mean? Is it a faulty unit or?..

Sice I just bought the unit pre-loved from a Naim Dealer I think about sending it back and buy a new one. What do you think?

That means as much as designing a power supply that does not cause any fuses to trip … quite normal if you ask me.

However, on this Naim forum almost every member seems to accept these things because of ‘sound quality’ … there are more appliances which draw quite an inrush current, it’s not rocket science …


exactly what I thought

My question was in the context of the topic, the XPS DR from the OP. Not sure if designing a new power supply or tell Naim to do so is of much help for the OP?

The unit is unlikely to be faulty. This just a ‘feature’ of the Naim design. The ‘bigger’ power supplies are even worse!

Many do choose to use a different type of circuit breaker. I wasn’t prepared to do this and so I stopped using Naim power supplies and power amps.

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Could it be something a bit more simple like the ring is already powering a lot of users/devices? With the added inrush from the XPS DR peaking (too) close to the tripping point of the MCB?

Could be. There is an amp, some lights and TV. I see if I cn get a dedicated spur for just my hifi.