With CD5XS and the original NAIM DAC I’m constantly thinking what if those bad boys had a XPS DR up front? Then again it sounds great already and almost 4 grand for the upgrade, there’s dealer promotions out there just now and the Burndy included so a dilemma

I use CD5XS, nDAC/XPS DR, and I can heartily recommend it. If you can get a second hand unit then great, but the upgrade at new price is worth it, assuming your amp and speakers are up to the task. I happily jump between LP 12 (Klimax) and CD5XS and if anything the CD sounds more organic and ‘analogue’ than the TT!

I’ve got some ELAC 4 ohm, they would be alright with 500 let alone my 200/202, not worried about the rest of the gear also have HCDR/NAPSC, what I don’t want is fire up an XPS DR-enabled upgrade for almost 4 grand and say “oh, is that it ?”. if it sounds like 4 grand worth of improvement then I cannot argue

Great advice here. (1) Audition before buying. (2) Purchase pre-owned. There are enough people that upgrade from XSP-DR to 555 that these are not hard to find pre-owned.

I ran CD5XS/nDAC/XPS DR as my front end (into SN1/HiCap) for several years. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it took a 272/250 (with the XPS) to lead me to change (and I kept the CD5). If you decide to move to a dedicated streamer such as NDX2, the XPS can move with you, so it should be a sound investment. I agree with the advice to audition if possible and/or buy pre-loved.


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