i’m not sure why anyone still repeats the “demo all the units” when it is clear that it isn’t possible to do so as in this case or when buying online and/or used

not everyone has the funds or ability to buy from the friendly dealer nearby who will let you borrow gear for the weekend


I found the NDS powered by xps significantly ahead of the ndx2 on sq, even when driven by 555. The poster asked about opinions on two ps’ but of course respondents as oft the case offer advice on way more expensive high end 555. Of course the 555 may offer a better lift in sq but not everyone have unlimited funds to spend


xps dr + hicap dr 6.5k (uk), 555 dr 8.5k (uk) - demo’s of the latter look to be going at 7.5k and second hand are around as well, as Svetty alluded to. It’s about providing the OP with reasonable information that he/she may not have considered. Personally, I found this sort of advice invaluable. And I’m not sure what your NDS v NDX comment has to do with anything.

Nds v ndx was ref to your comment that I’m not a source first type, the op wanted EITHER xps OR hi cap, hence 555 is way more than his budget hence my ‘lol’ that you took umbridge with- some just can’t afford to spend the thousands you see as so easy

Thanks a lot for your valuable advices, as I mentioned earlier I do not have privileges for the home demo as I will have to get the unit imported and secondly I have a limited budget so I have to get the unit which will give maximum sound quality advantage and definitely I will go for both the units but in intervals, NDX 2 was purchased new and was imported, there is no second hand market where I can sell the unit easily.

As you intend to but both PSUs eventually I would just buy whichever one you see at a good price first.
There is always a range of opinions on these upgrades. Most will say they are worthwhile, but not everyone who has tried a Hicap on a Supernait thought it was an improvement at all, and others have found the benefits to be marginal or not worth the money. You will only know what your own opinion is once you’ve tried it, so all you can do is hope it works out, and sell it if you don’t like it.

If you buy units from the UK you should ask the seller for the serial number. Contact Naim and they will be able to tell you if it has any service history. It will also tell you the age, which in turn will tell you when another service might be due.

  1. With a 252/300, I’d say most would be running an NDS with a 555ps, so, you can’t say you’re going source first. As before, I don’t have a problem with that. FWIW, I had an NDS, initially with an xps dr then 555 dr, and found the uplift in performance with the latter ps to be major (as one would expect).
  2. First there was sneering for daring to mention the simple thought of a 555 (and cost differentials), now it’s a personal insult about spending ‘the thousands you see as so easy’. I’d just stop RIGHT there, pal - you’re really overstepping.
  3. After all your banging on about the OP only wanting advice about xps v hicap, didn’t you (in your strangely vanished original post) suggest the OP consider better amplification? Now there’s a curve ball (that no one sneered at). I guess the next cab off the Naim ranks with your suggestion would be a 282/HC/250 - cost…a whole lot more than a 555. ‘The thousands you see as so easy’, huh. See why people take ‘umbridge’?

I hope the OP has his/her question answered. I think the consensus is the XPSDR first.


I’d gently suggest that you might be taking things overly to heart. There is certainly a tendency on the Forum for people to suggest things that are a lot more expensive, which can be somewhat trying and lead to umbrage-taking.

Of course, your suggestion of a 555 doesn’t fall into that category if it can be bought ex dem or used, however in this case it looks as though the OP has to buy new.

I’ve tried both 555 and XPS on my NDX2. The 555 was a leftover from my former 272/300 setup and while the 555 was transformational on the 272 it didn’t make anything like as much difference on the NDX2. That’s with a SN3, and it may of course be more significant with something like a 282/250. As you say, it could make sense if the OP wanted to upgrade the amplification or even move to an ND555, but within the confines of a NDX2/SN3 system, the XPS probably makes more sense.

Having had a time without a PS on the NDX2, I’ve recently bought an XPSDR and it certainly gives a good uplift, filling out the sound and making things more natural and engaging. It’s also good to know that I’m using all of it, rather than just part of the 555.

Maybe if the OP could clarify whether they plan to upgrade further, beyond the SN3, it may help to clarify things.


I will not update beyond SN3 as there is no second hand market here to easily sell and release the funds and to be used for new purchases, I have Roksan caspian m2 amplifier, Marantz SACD SA-14s1 SACD player, RME ADI-2 DAC FS along with chord epic XLR to XLR and RCA to RCA cables which I had purchased brand new and are only a couple of years old and those are packed again and kept in the store room as I’m unable to sell. As I was a naim owner 10 years back and had full classic series pre power on Fraim which I had to sell while moving to another country on job transfer, I had to get the naim back however there is no naim representation here hence very difficult to get the units, the naim units which I currently bought are imported and hence I’m not lucky as you guys from UK. I have to be careful for my next upgrade as it would be blind purchase so asked the experienced folks here on the forum.

As you are not going beyond the SN3 I’d definitely say go for the XPSDR. I’ve had my SN3 for nearly two years now, without a power supply and I’m perfectly happy with it. The NDX2, XPS and SN3 make a really nice setup, and of course only need two mains leads, which keeps things simple.


I’d concur with the view that the XPS will probably give you the most cost effective uplift if you cannot access secondhand markets for a 555 PS.
When I added the XPS to the NDX2 it was a considerable upgrade. The NDX2 / XPS2 with the SN3 would be a great combination I am sure.


I don’t mean to hijack this thread but HH you now have a XPSDR? When did this happen? Regardless congrats!

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I got it a couple of weeks ago. I got it warmed up then turned it off when we left on holiday.


IIRC (If I recall correctly) it does take a bit for it to fully come on song. My memory must be slipping, I do recall reading you made a few changes. TT not used enough etc.

Dopeyness affects us all from time to time! I often forget what I did yesterday, let alone who has what black boxes.

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Congratulations on your new purchase HH. What was the immediate difference you noticed when first connected the NDX2 thru XPS DR.

I mentioned that in a previous post: it filled out the sound and made it more natural and engaging. It’s just nicer to listen to. I don’t go in for hifi reviewer tachnobabble nonsense.


Well put HH I’m shortly getting a NDX2 ( upgrade from NDX) and all ready thing about the XPS upgrade, you’ve been more helpful than some of the pseudo-WhatHifi reviews on here…

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With all due respect HH, and in the kindest possible way, may I suggest that it’s not really cricket to pass judgment on one’s ‘feelings’. In addition, I think you’ve missed the point - my irritation (as opposed to emotional fragility) comes from someone who mocks (not just disagrees) a suggestion as being unrelated to what the OP asked and far too expensive, which I would’ve ignored, but then proceeds to suggest an option which is totally unrelated to what the OP asked, and expensive (unfortunately, their original post seems to have miraculously disappeared). Then, they have the nerve to spout drivel about spending the thousands I ‘see as so easy’. Given the very modest income I have, hard saving, and forfeiting of many things others would indulge in, to obtain some hifi gear which I value, people talking crap like that need to be called out.

You will see that I recommended an xps to the OP from the outset, but simply added that I would stretch to a 555 in my experience, and the reasons for it, especially given others were advising the OP that he/she would end up with both xps and hicap! It was JUST a thought - some additional information that the OP could simply ignore.

Finally, that’s your experience with power supplies in the exact system I have had, but it’s not mine. And that’s all good, no one is right or wrong, given that there are important variables independent of the gear which can potentially and significantly affect results. It’s all part of the valuable sum of information that interested parties can consider.

That’s it from me, over and out.