Xps dr upgrade

Have added a power supply to my NDX2 after a year of ownership. Like many others stunned by the size of the change in sound.
I didn’t think I would ever get to do this upgrade, but a second hand power supply at the right money made it happen. Can’t reccomended the upgrade highly enough!?!


Glad you’re enjoying it.

After Jason from Naim’s recommendation when I spoke to him at the Bristol HiFi show this year I decided to buy an XPS-DR too for my NDX2.

I have had my NDX2 for almost two years.

It’s been just about the only constant in my system over the years.

Started with it on a SN2 going into Harbeths. Now running it on a 252/SCDR/300DR SuperLumina setup into B&W 804D3s.

The XPS-DR has been the icing on the cake bringing the realism and natural sounding elements of the digital front end to the same level as my analogue front end Rega Planer 8 / Apheta 3 TT / Aria v2 input.


Yes, icing on the cake is a good description.
My NDX2 feeds into a Linn Kairn pre, and two Linn LK280 amps, one with a Spark PS. They drive Monitor Audio PL200 Platinums, with Chord cables. Also have a Linn LP12. Taken many years to get to this point, but the effort and wait has been worth it.

I need an XPS DR in my life as well, I hope to try it sooner or later, I’m quite curious!


I had my xpsdr before the Ndx2. The xpsdr being used, whilst the ndx2 was new, and awaiting build. So, I have only very briefly listened to it without the xpsdr. I expect the internal power supply has had no more than 10 mins of use.
I keep thinking of trying it without, but why? But what I can say, like most others, us the two together sound great.
Buy a used dr. Nothing say more than 5 years old and preferably dr from day one. Although upgraded xps to xpsdr are a lot cheaper. But you’ll need about £2400 plus for a xpsdr.


I also have a NDX2 and within a few months I added a secondhand XPSDR. It transformed it and brought it much closer to the quality of my analog front end.


I would say that it’s nice to know what each component can do in your audio system, the sense of appreciation will be greater for sure. Referring to the NDX 2, you do notice a sense of refinement after around 400 hours of listening. If you skip all the passages, you won’t appreciate how the system evolves.

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Thanks for all the positive comments.
My XPS dr is now nicely warmed through and is simmering on my equipment rack.
The sound has definitely settled as is the way with Naim.
Just wanted to add a little advice about the buying experience. Although purchased secondhand, I made sure that the item came with its original packaging and documentation and leads. I think this points to the way the previous owner has treated the unit. A further bonus was that the seller was a Naim dealer and the unit was a trade in. That gave me reassurance and faith.
A big bonus to the whole tale is that my wife loves the New sound improvement!
Anyway back to another play of Phil Collins 'In the air tonight ." Can’t get enough of those drums.


I agree with the comments, I’m new to Naim and planned on only the NDX 2 which I think is a great piece of kit, it just works when paired with Qubuz and great quality. I asked my dealer if I could demo the XPSDR, expecting not much from it, how wrong, it transformed the NDX2. So I now have the pairing and really pleased with them. Well done Naim!!


That is a particularly memorable Phil Collins track.

It takes me back to the days I didn’t need hearing aids and had somewhat cheaper hifi (it sounded a lot better then!)

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