Xps DR using Naim 250 DR vs 300 DR

In the past, I did a home demo with a XPS DR on my NDX 2, and seperatly a demo with a 300 DR to possible replace the 250 DR.

I ended up bying the 300 DR. In my system, it was a big game changer.

As the XPS DR was improving the 250 DR/NDX 2 in the former home demo, I now wanted to try it on the 300 DR/NDX 2. My finding is, that the improvement using the XPS DR with the 300 DR/NDX 2 is minimal. While the XPS DR is improving the 250 DR/NDX 2 big time.

It probably has something to do with my system set up. Since I use lots of noise floor reducing options already.

But I was wandering if there are experiences, where the XPS DR made impact, using the 300 DR/NDX2?

I think if you are happy with your system without the XPSDR then leave it.

Your ears, your choice.

All my CD players and now NDS have required a power supply so if you’ve tried it and there is no improvement then be happy you don’t need to spend more money.

I am surprised tbh. I would have thought the XPS DR would provide a considerable uplift in performance on a bare NDX2 through a 300DR.

Have you considered trying a 555PSDR?

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Hi Mike, I can’t comment on the difference with a 250DR, however my XPSDR is currently at the Naim doctors for repair. I have found the difference with and without the XPS with my set up of 552DR/300DR/NDX2 mainly in the warmth of the sound. Not much difference in soundstage or detail. If I was considering an XPSDR now I would question whether it was worthwhile. Having said that my opinion might change when my XPS returns from Naim!

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In my system adding the 555psdr made a big difference to the NDX2 in terms of detail. Depends on the recording; most obvious in acoustic folk/jazz vs rock. Running 252/300ps amplification into PMC Fact 12.


The concensus does seem to be that the 555 is far superior. That will have to wait a while for me having upgraded from 282/HCDR/200 last year. I dare not audition a 555 at the moment :roll_eyes:


My XPSDR does the nDAC IMHO it seems more beneficial on sources than amps

That’s because it can’t be connected to any amp :wink:

Beat me to it. I had to think for a minute being a bear of very little brain :grin:

That was a test….

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Except the 272.



Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply. At first I did not think about a higher psu, but I am curious, now I have tryed the XPS.

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