XPS DR vs XPS upgraded to DR


I’m looking for an XPS DR to upgrade my NDX2.

Sometimes I come across XPS2’s or the original XPS’s upgraded to DR, but I’m not sure if those are the same.

Does it make any discernable difference if it’s a brand new or newly used XPS DR or any of the upgraded XPS2’s or original XPS’s to DR?

The DR upgrade is no longer available from Naim, but a previously upgraded unit, especially an XPS, should be just as good, as virtually the entire innards are replaced, not just the odd component here and there.

Thanks, that’s great to know about there being no difference!

I was aware that DR upgrades are now unavailable from Naim, which is a shame, but it makes sense if it’s a drastic part replacement.

I am not sure that is possible… For an Olive XPS to be DR’ed… :thinking:

@Richard.Dane - ??

The Olive XPS was quite different to the XPS2 and could not be converted to an XPS DR.

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@Mike_S has a Supercap olive that was dr . Is it really possible ? ( not now of course, but as a technical possibility).

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Yes, the Olive Supercap and Classic Supercap were internally very similar, so technically the Olive one could be converted to DR spec., although this wasn’t officially offered by the Naim factory.


I hope so, I trust the seller, but I’ve never opened it up to check. Not that I’d know what to look for though :sunglasses:.

Sounds darn good anyway.

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Slide the case off, take a picture, post it - and we will tell you… :crazy_face:


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