Xps dr

I have the Lovan rack ( the rack on the right of the Fraimlite, on my profile, systems pics).
The Fraimlite gave a subtle improvement, nothing more.
Some say the Fraimlite is 85/90 % of the Fraim performance.
Both of my racks sit on Finite elemente cerapucks.

I agree with you but the problem i’m having at the moment is my system is already sounding fantastic and the urge to upgrade even further seems to me, at this point in time, superfluous. I need a rack but at at the same time don’t want to spend a fortune and save quicker and get back on track for a XPS DR. I can’t afford to do both at once.

Any old aluminium shelf will likely be not much good. They’re very difficult and expensive to do properly (and get perfectly flat with little or tolerance). It’s one reason why Naim ended up going for the type of glass they chose in the end.

Racks (apart from Fraim and maybe a few other top names) really don’t seem to hold value on the second hand market.

If it’s something ‘for now’ I’d be tempted to look at the usual auction sites etc. and get something that will do while I waited for the right item to come up at the right price (or saved for new but frankly I’m too cheap for that…)

I can’t agree or deny. Have not tried. But tend to believe you. Didn’t know it had to be a special aluminum shelf, with specific measurements.

This is what Richard wrote a while ago. The description “ultra-flat” suggests it required aluminium machined to very fine tolerances, which is expensive, a cheap sheet of aluminium is unlikely to be ultra-flat.

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That would have got everyone’s vote…


I know if will not happen and it would break the rules. Just for fun, if Naim could communicate the specs of the aluminum shelves, I would pass an order to a China factory :laughing:

One can have each illusions .

Yes…i would rather have not paid out for a full fraim, my av stand from custom design milan sounded as good, but not the full fraim.

I have just upgraded from Fraim Lite to a full Fraim. The change was driven by aesthetics - having recently changed speakers I wanted the rack to match the look of the new speakers. I was sceptical about any sonic improvement, and actually wasn’t seeking any. But I have been very pleasantly surprised, it is a definite upgrade over the FraimLite. The imaging is just more coherent and the music more engaging than before. Has also removed a bit of bass bloat in my room.

I also have an XPSDR on my NDX2. I would say the the improvement of the full Fraim is in the same ball-Park as adding the XPSDR to the NDX2.



Ok, picking up my XPS DR from my dealer tomorrow morning. I shall report back on how it’s all sounding once things have settled in. After reading the many posts here, and from receiving a very helpful e-mail from a well regarded and highly respected forum member, our very own HH, i’ve decided to cancel the Fraim lite. Now to start saving for a full fraim rack, all in black instead. When will it all end?! More to follow… :joy:


Thats a sensible move Stephen, and Nigel has your best sound quality interests at heart, nice of him to call. You will not regret this move, its a big step up sound wise, take care.


Very wise move. Well done mate!

I initially bought a mixture of full Fraim and 2 Fraimlite shelves. I had a Fraimlite shelf with naim glass and ball bearings and cup holders for my NDS. When I swapped it for full Fraim I heard a noticeable improvement on my NDS. It’s also on a medium shelf giving it some space which helps again. I use one Fraimlite shelf now with naim glass for the Lingo 1. I have a spare Fraimlite shelf boxed up.

Full Fraim sounds alot better IMHO from my experiences on my system.

The XPS DR is the right decision. I look forward to hearing your enthusiastic write up tomorrow!


That was fun to watch.



Absolutely Gazza, a true gent. :+1:

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Thanks Dan_M, that’s very kind. My dealer has been very patient and fully understanding. Full credit to those guys. Looking forward now to settling in with the latest addition and listening to some music. I should stay away from the forum, it’s killing my finances! :smile:


Tell me about it. I did £15k at least last year. Lol.

Worth it though once you get the system that’s right for you. And with a £9k streamer you’ll be a very happy man!

You must be very very excited!

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Stephen is about 8 miles away from me and I can feel the excitement coming across Langstone Harbour.


Best of luck with it! I have an XPS DR on the end of an HDX and it sounds great. I suspect you are in for a treat. An NDX2 is my next upgrade I think!

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I’m also only about 300 yards away from my local dealer and a XPS DR will be a whole lot easier to navigate home than a full Fraim rack! :eyes: :rofl:

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