XPS for NDX (plus SuperCap) or NDX2

Hi Naim Community - need your counsel. What is the best path forward. Add a XPS for my NDX and a SuperCap for my 282 or a new NDX2? Thanks

How about ND5XS2 (unless you really do NEED a screen) and use an external DAC.

This setup would certainly outperform a bare NDX2.

Your existing NDX uses the older platform and will also, probably need a replacement green screen at some point.

An external DAC will also outperform the addition of a PSU :grinning: :grinning:

Well an XPS can also be used with a future NDX2 or second hand NDS. And while an external DAC onto an NDX is more detailed, not everyone preferred an NDX/nDAC over an NDX/XPSdr.

The XPSdr on the NDX makes it sound wonderfully like some analogue source. A bit warmer than most Naim sources. Whether an NDX2 alone is better than NDX/XPSdr I cannot say. Though I think the search on the forum will show plenty of debate on that topic.

Functionality is also a key question. If the NDX already does what you want, then the “but it’s the old platform” argument might not have much appeal to you (certainly doesn’t to me). But if you’ve ever bumped up against something you want the NDX to do but it doesn’t, then you probably have your answer as to which direction to go.


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