XPS vs Supercap

Hi all my friend,
I need an advice!
I have a HDX and a ND5 XS both connected to a Naim DAC.
I’m thinking to buy a separated power supply to improve the quality of the sources.
The idea is to connect the power supply to the DAC.
Initial idea was to buy a XPS DR, but now I’m also evaluating the Supercap DR.

In case a I go with Supercap can it be connected to more than one device? (e.g. to a pre-amp and to the DAC at the same time?).

What do you think about?


Supercap can only be used on the preamp.


This is a simple one. You can only use the XPS/555 range on the nDAC. The Supercap is for Preamps,Crossovers and phono stages.

ok. clear thanks

Do the XPS produce a real improvement on the quality of the sound?

It did for me, yes.

It might be worth checking out whether an NDX2 to replace the ND5 XS and nDac is worthwhile. Some have reported a preference to the NDX2 over the nDac.

Having said this a non DR 555 is supposed to be a wonderful thing connect to the Naim Dac. They are good value at the moment and some prefer the non DR version on the nDac.

Is there any reason why you listen to both the ND5 XS and HDX through the nDac? The HDX is probably as capable, or more so than the ND5 XS?

Hi trickydickie,
your question is why do I own both HDX and ND5 XS?
For historical reasons. I first bought HDX to manage my CD library. Than I bought a ND5XS to play music on TIDAL.
Now I can probably upgrade ND5XS to NDX2 and sell both ND5XS and HDX.
Do you really think NDX2 is better than ND5XS+DAC in term of details and quality of sound?
Pier Paolo

XPS DR on DAC (+CD5 XS) massive improvement in bass and vocals for me

The Olive XPS on my DAC did similar. It made vocals sound very 'real ’ too.

Like all these things you have to listen to judge. A friend with a Naim DAC prefers it with no additional PSU. When I had a Naim DAC I felt the 555PS made it sound more alive, but I had the 555PS from my CDX2 days and felt it did more for the CD player than it did for the Naim DAC.

A 555PS cannot power your streamer and DAC at the same time. So you would put it on the DAC then we are comparing a £2,000 DAC with a £7,000 DAC + PSU. So I really wish you could hear the two before deciding to spend. Plus my experience is before Naim added DR to its power supplies so I do not how much improvement that gives.

I no longer use a Naim DAC, but still regard it as a very good piece of kit, but I’m not sure it needs an additional expensive PS to give good results. However, definitely worth a listen if you can.

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