XPS2 and 272

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has used a XPS2 with a 272. I’ve been offered an ex showroom model that has hardly been used,for half the price of a new XPS DR plus a two year warranty. It’s pretty tempting even though I know it is 8 years old. I’m figuring I could use it for a couple of years and then get it DRed. I realise the 272 was probably designed with the XPS DR in mind but I’m guessing a XPS2 will still improve the 272. Or has anyone ever compared a XPS2 to a XPS DR on a 272?

50% off list for an 8 yr old model, non-DR, is not a good deal. You should be able to find that discount on a DR model.


I run a non DR XPS2 on my CDX2. Does it make a big difference, yes. Is it a great bit of kit, yes.

DR is the latest and greatest but a ‘standard’ XPS2 is still excellent. I also had it serviced but not DRd which was very worthwhile.

Find one for the right price and plug it in!

I ran a XPS with a 272 for a while before I had it DRd. I remember adding the XPS made a far greater difference to the 272 than upgrading the XPS to DR which sounded pretty much exactly the same as the non DR.


If you buy it for £2,000 and then pay another £2,000 to have it serviced and DRed, you have effectively paid the price of a new one over two years. I’d be looking out for a two year old DR version for £2,500 or less, with no need to service for eight years.

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A non-DR 555PS will set you back not a huge amount more and in my experience is considerably better.
Only issue is that it may need a service sooner than a DR XPS2 but the difference in performance would still lean me to the 555…

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Hi all, thank you for taking the time to reply. I probably should have put a few more details in my original post. The XPS2 has only done a few hours service . It is essentially new, so I wasn’t worried about it being 8 years old, I thought that would make it a good candidate to DR (which costs $2100 AUD) further down the track

I live in Brisbane, Australia. We don’t get many Naim power supplies appear locally on the auction sites. The retail price for a new XPS DR in Australia is $8300. Getting a second hand one from the UK auction sites, the going price seems to be about $5000 to $5500 AUD before freight and insurance. I was thinking if I bought local with a warranty for $4000 and then getting it DRed,it might be a better proposition than getting a 2nd hand one from the UK.

Hi I’m in Sydney, adding a XPS does make a huge difference to the 272. I’ve recently ungraded to XPS DR and paid well over $8k but have never regretted it. Ring around the dealers in Aus and see if you can get a better deal, I’d give you my dealers name but would probably get in trouble. He’s Ultimo Sydney (I’m sure you can track him down), he maybe able to help. He’s been helping me for 25 years.

I got a trade-in 2016 XPS DR from my dealer for less than half the retail price of a new one ($3000 vs $6600 new).

Half off an 8 year old XPS 2 just does not seem a good deal, even with just few hours on it. But if the nature of your market is such that you can’t do better, keep in mind if you send it for a DR upgrade it will also require a mandatory service, regardless that it has few hours on it.

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In terms of value it’s determined by the fact that it is eight years old. When it is DRed it will still have its capacitors replaced so the fact it’s little used is largely irrelevant, other than that its cosmetic condition might be better. Put it this way, I wouldn’t pay half of new price for an eight year old non DR and then pay for the upgrade.

Consider also that the dealer bought it for much less than they would buy it for now so they are doing pretty well. I’d play this much harder with them and ask them to get it upgraded at their expense and charge you say 65% of new price. Also ring around other dealers or find one in the UK and have it shipped. They are not rare items. Also consider whether you will later want a 555PS. Might it be better to go straight to that. It will cost more now but less in the long run. The 555 makes far more difference over the XPS than the XPS does over bare.

The cost of a 555PS is too high in Aus. While I don’t doubt the benefits that the 555 would bring I do question the cost.

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In the US a new 555PS is well more than twice the cost of a new XPS. It’s not something I ever plan to put on my NDX2.

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The 555PS is the cost of a small car here, as I’ve said, I’m sure it improves things. But my problem is having to spend that kind of money to get it to sound like it should in the first place.


I’m really pretty happy with how my NDX2/XPSDR sounds. It’s not up to par with my analog source, but the latter also costs 50% more (when considering retail prices). I feel like I’m pretty much at end game, but I might still make a change on a phonostage.

I think it’s unfair to say that’s how it ‘should’ sound in the first place. The 272 is a £4,000 streaming preamp. The 272/555 is an £11,000 streaming preamp. They are different creatures. Why should you get the sound of an £11,000 component for £4,000? It would be nice of course, but it’s like saying you should get an Audi A5 for the price of an A1. It’s not going to happen.

Don’t even think about buying a Tesla. It’s “only software” that changes performance and battery capacity (broadly speaking).

Not really but I do get your point. It’s just there’s always constant pushing by some to keeping adding things, as I’ve said I do not doubt the benefit adding a 555PS brings as I know just adding the XPS DR made a huge difference.

Hi HH and Josquin, thank you for the advice, when you present it like that it does not look like such a good deal. The 272/250/XPS was going to be my end game (the 555 is a bridge too far at the moment), but if Naim ever release a 272 replacement that can take the two outputs from the 555 I may be swayed.

Thanks again for the advice, I love the honest and objective advice this forum provides.

Owned and tried all three of Naims PSU offerings with my 272.

XP5XS (owned) to my lugs made a nice uplift performance over a bare 272.

XPSDR borrowed from a good friend for two weeks, slight improvement over the XP5XS but not much in it.

555DR still in my rack and is going nowhere this transformed the 272 into a different pre.