Xps2 dr powering cds3

Hi there, I am seeking some advice about the XPSDR and whether it is safe to leave this constantly powered up. I would normally power up my system a few hours before listening or leave units in standby mode such as my amplifier but of course unable to do this with Naim equipment. I have read a few posts where it even suggests power up and down will cause more harm than good. I only get the opportunity to listen at the weekends, so want my system to be at its best when I listen but naturally do not want to cause any damage to my equipment.

On the subject of the XPS2DR, having just bought this new and traded in for my old Olive XPS, I am shocked by the greater detail and presence already after only a few weeks use.

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It’s absolutely fine to leave it switched on. Who knows, you may get an opportunity to listen during the week as well.

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Leave it on. Apart from the minimal electrical bill there are no downsides. The DR bit is the improvement you are hearing. Others on hear like the XPS Dr with the cds3. Enjoy.

Many Thanks for your replies, on it is then!

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