Xps2 for both SN2 and NDX2

Can I run both SN2 and NDX2 with the XPS2? And/Or should I look for the DR?

No, xps2 for the ndx, but hicap or supercap for the supernait. Other way round doesn’t work.

An XPS2 is fine for the NDX2, although the XPSDR is (subjectively) better. Just avoid the much older Olive XPS.

Thanks for the clarification. Any thoughts on what to expect in improvement with the xps2 (non DR) with my ndx2?

Most XPS 2 for sell, have had no service. Without a service I think the advantage is minimal. I have experimented on my non serviced xps2 with the 272 and can hear no difference. Need to experiment again to confirm. I use the xps 2 on the CDS3.

Personally I would get the xps2 dr as the second hand prices before DR seem high at the moment and will not be cost effective if you upgrade it to DR. Which you will want to do with the NDX2. If buying make sure it has sxps burndy with it. I think the one before it was just called xps burndy.

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