XPS2 vs XPS DR on nDAC

Does the newer DR version add anything at all for the nDAC or does this only make a difference with newer units such as the NDX2?
Basically does a XPS DR sound better on an nDAC than the non DR version?

I haven’t compared the two supplies but I’ve recently added an XPS DR to my nDAC and I’m delighted with it. It was a really substantial upgrade, bigger, I thought, than changing my Kudos X2 speakers to Kudos Super 10A’s and about as big as upgrading from Nait XS + Flatcap XS to 282 + HCDR (same Nait XS power-amp section)

I was a bit worried that the XPS DR might not have been best suited to the nDAC as forum-lore has it that the pre-DR power supplies are more suited. I can’t say one way or the other but I knew immediately that addition of the XPS DR was a substantial and beneficial upgrade


Significant upgrade every time but the sound of an XPS DR is very different to that of an XPS so an audition is preferable.


When I had an nDAC/XPR playing into a SN1/HC and the DR upgrades became available, I opted to have both PSs upgraded. The change from HC to HCDR was transformative and turned a good amplifier into an excellent one. The more expensive XPS to XPSDR upgrade also improved the sound from the nDAC, but not by as much, at least to my ears. I did feel it was still worthwhile, though.



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