XPSdr, 555 Dr internal perspective

Hi all me again

Looking at these two power supplies from an internal perspective is somewhat interesting.

I know the 555 has the duel supplies that is utilised for the NDS/ND555 but obviously it looks like there is a lot more going on under the 555 than just that compared to the XPS.

Anyone able to explain what’s what, the XPS is somewhat empty in comparison.

I am just interested from the build perspective.


@NeilS are you able to shed any light on the internal differences of these two power supplies.
As I say the XPS is almost empty in comparison.


Hi Popeye,

The XPS uses four transformer secondaries, bridged diode rectification, six smaller reservoir capacitors & six regulators.
The 555PS uses a larger transformer with five secondaries, individual diode rectification, seven larger reservoir capacitors, seven regulators & a more complex discharge circuit. The design allows for greater separation of the supplies for the digital & analogue domains.



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