Xpsdr or not

I have a xps2 which I purchased in 2004 which is in need of a good service I have for the last week a xpsdr on loan which does sound very good but how much of this is down to the dr or my own xps being so off song dont really want to fork out for a 555ps so should I dr or just service.oh its powering a cds3

Hmmm, I replaced an XPS2 with a DR version for my CDS3. There was a difference but it was not night and day in terms of detail. The system felt more complete and effortless overall but I am unsure how much that difference was down to completing a full chain of DR power supplies. If you have the money and have done the other obvious things like Powerline etc then go for it, why not? If you have better things to spend the money on then the service will bring it back to its former glory, which with the CDS3 was glory.

Thanks for the reply Steve yes everything is fraimed and powerlined but not dr.As it is the extra detail I’m hearing could be gained by a normal service then maybe that’s the way to go

Sounds as if the XPS is needing a bit of TLC - the thing is that if you’re going to be spending £££s on it you might as well go the whole hog and get the 555PS. This will be a significant step up and a pre-loved one will be similar money after trading in the XPS.

555 is pretty different to an XPS2/XPS DR on a CDS3. Not everyone likes what it does…


Everyone of course has a view but what would people not like about what a 555 does? I ask because I was in a similar position to the OP - 2004 XPS - and bit the bullet found an ex-dem 555(DR) and frankly I cant think how anyone wouldn’t like the moe organic sound and greater resolution.



Seconded. Basslines also re-discover their drive with the CDS3 once it has a 555PS to power it.
Mine is awaiting collection tomorrow, after the CDS3 has been serviced and the 555PS serviced & DRed.
One week of run-in hell expected, followed by more musical bliss :relieved:

@LindsayM, having not heard it I am not sure exactly however for many years there seems to have been the XPS2 camp and the 555 camp (pre DR mainly as streaming took over by the DR time!)

The OP says he is worried about changing the dynamic of the XPS2 with the DR upgrade and the 555 would also be a move away from the tried and tested so worth auditioning before purchase.

I would love to hear a CDS3 with the 555PS DR and for me and what I enjoy in music I think it would suit me!

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