XPSDR upgrade

Hi,currently my system consists of;
RP6 (Fono MM 2)
I have the chance to buy a 2014 XPS2DR,will I get a significant improvement in SQ ?

Yes, without a doubt.

With your CDX2 you will find it is 100% yes.
I added XPS (not DR) when I had my CDX2, the immediate impression is a more of everything; Overall a very worthwhile upgrade

The XPS is a superb power supply for all sources that support it. It was the flagship source power supply before the 555ps came along.

It doesn’t get enough credit these days because the forum makes it seem like everyone and their dog has (and needs) a 555ps.


Thanks for comments guys,am currently winning bid on e-bay,auction ends around 7pm tomorrow,what sort of price area should I be looking at ?

Good luck, it’s certainly worth it.

Depends how deep your pockets are. Bear in mind that a 555PS would be around £2.5 k s/h.

I would expect the auction to reach around £1900 to £2000 for a 2014 model.

Be aware that the current winning bidder is generally of no significance on an eBay auction whilst the auction is running - it only matters who is the top bidder when the clock reaches zero (except for when two bidders offer the same amount then the first bid entered gets preference). Because of this it is best to submit your maximum bid with around ten seconds of the auction left rather than bidding multiple times during the auction attempting to be the top bidder. This way eBay will autobid against other buyers during the final stage of the auction up to the maximum amount that you entered which will help prevent you getting into a bidding war with another buyer.

Appreciate the tips guys,was mentally prepared to go around the 2k mark,will post result !!

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Looks like you got it - did you?

Yippee!:+1::hugs: will pick it up from local dealer on Tuesday !! Yes



Yes ,is that relevant?

+1. One of the best upgrades for the money. I had cdx2 then xps2.

Cheers,hope so ,obviously not dem-of it,but after research and forum / dealer advice,seemed the way to go.Will report back on my impressions,thanks to all on forum!

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