Xquisite ST cartridge

Well just waiting for an arm now and I will have a turntable to use and demo.
But what a thing of bueaty it is, quality top notch and can’t wait to hear it

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Very elegant Dunc.

What makes it perform so well, i.e. what is the secret sauce that other cartridges don’t have?

Best regards, BF


All-in-one Ceramic construction.

Ah, okay, thanks.

Wow, I’d love to hear one of these. A heavy one though at 16.3g, but I guess you have the deck and arm it was designed for…

And this is the Titanium bodied version… Yikes…!!!

It will be mounted to the Simplicity 2 arm and thales compact mk2 deck next weekend I hope.

Did I miss something, Dunc? What happened to the SME?

There is a company connection to EMT, according to their website… :thinking:

That’s gone

I obviously missed that but I don’t want to derail your thread so will go and search the forum. Big decision though.

Short version is
Was looking at the sme 12 inch tonearm decks and then I came across the Simplicity 2 arm

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Yes he now owns and makes them

I know what you mean. I have a lovely LP12 but I kinda want to scratch an itch with a Garrard 301 with a 12” arm. I’d never get rid of the LP12 but like you were intending with the SME, it will be different and give you options for different styles of music.
Looking forwards to seeing and hearing all about the Thales/Simplicity/Xquisite though.

This is the turntable and extra plinth

The watch maker details


Very elegant and classic simplicity (no pun intended).

Looks like it has its own measurements included…the -3dB figure for high frequencies seems to be at quite a low frequency (for the treble , that is).

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3db not -3db

Not quite sure that the figure means then

SME didn’t last long @Dunc. New turntable looks slick. Will be interesting to hear how you get on with it.