XS 2 , how to connect a sub?

Hi , do I somehow daisy chain my speaker output or do I need a fancy din plug? Which din would I use?
Nothing else gives an output right?

What subwoofer do you have?

The XS2 has an RCA sub out, so don’t need a fancy DIN cable. Alternatively, if your sub has a high level input, you can just use any old cheap speaker cable from the speaker sockets, although you then have to consider how you will connect both your main speaker cables and sub cables to the same sockets.

I had a good look at the back and couldn’t see a sub out marked

Looking at the row of RCA jacks from the back, the sub outs are the first pair of RCA outputs when starting from the left. They are just to the right of the “Naim XS” logo and they should have the label “Sub Out” just beneath them. Your label may have worn off or something.

Yes, what sub do you have?

What is your purpose in adding a sub to your system?
How big is your room?
What are your main speakers?
What is the sub you have or are intending to buy?
How do you intend to align the crossover to the sub?

AHH found it thnx guys, I’ve got two subs a vibe and an REL
I love ABIT of bass with my movies and this will liven up two channel films and maybe my bbqs

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