XS2/HCDR combo vs Supernait?

If I did consider the move to a supernait. Which would be the best choice?.
This could eventually be my next upgrade.

Choice 1 - Supernait 2 (No phono stage and no pre amp discreet regulation)
Choice 2 - Supernait 3 (Phono stage and pre amp discreet regulation built in)

I was thinking I would be best going to the Supernait 2.
It would be a lot cheaper pre owned or ex demo.
I have no need for a phono stage at all.
I already have the Pre Amp Discreet regulation provided via my HCDR.

Would this be the best way to go, or am I greatly underestimating the supernait 3 vs 2 with HCDR

Just to note, the SN2 also has built in DR regulation. Best to see if you can compare the two, to see if the other improvements in the SN3 over the SN2 are worth it to you, particularly if you don’t need the extra facilities like the phono stage.


Oh… Right.
With the supernait 2 also using DR then I suppose I am better off keeping the XS2/HCDR combo.
The Naim upgrade path can sometimes be a long and confusing one :neutral_face:


Just to be clear, in theory a dedicated supply from a HICAP DR is quite a big step up on the SUPERNAIT’s internal DR supply.


I suppose it depends where you want to end up. If you’re wanting to stay with the integrated amps then the SN2 / SN3 step makes sense. If you’re wanting to go the pre-power route, then I’d suggest looking at a 282, which will work very nicely with the HCDR. You can use the XS2 in power amp mode as an interim step before looking at a 200 or even better, a 250.


Thank you for the upgrade ideas, they make perfect sense.
But I dont really want more boxes and more cabling.

I really liked the fact that the HCDR is a smaller form factor and doesnt add much extra in the way of cabling.

I was thinking the next logical step up for me (preferring an integrated) has to be a supernait.
But with my recent addition of the HCDR to my XS2. Would a supernait be THAT much better.

I have taken note of richards comment on the HCDR being a big step up on the internal DR supply of the supernaits.

If I did choose to demo a supernait. Should it be only with the addition of a HCDR?.
Would my XS2/HCDR combo provide a superior sound to a stand alone Supernait?.

I went from xs2 with a third party psu to sn2 and the jump was obvious, more heft and resolution. Then hicap added … wow more detail and openness…. Then sn3, which on its own was very comparable to sn2 with hicap.
HCDR on sn3 worth doing but gains not as big as sn2


Note that Richard prefaced his point with ‘in theory’. I use my SN3 on its own and am very happy with it, and quite a few seem to prefer their SN2 or 3 without an added Hicap DR. The DR (D for discrete, meaning separate) is more extensive in the SN3, which is generally considered better all round than an XS. Adding a Hicap to an XS does not make it a Supernait, so it’s worth trying one to see if you think the cost is worth it.

I chose the 3 over the 2 because I wanted the phono stage. I also like having ‘phono’ and ‘stream’ buttons on the front. As well as the DR changes the 3 has other improvements, including to the power amplifier that improves bass performance.

The HCDR has dramatically improved my XS2.
I have Demoed a supernait 2 against my XS2 (with no HCDR), bearing in mind it wasnt the ideal demo room or speaker choice.
I preferred the XS2.

Maybe I should be happy with the XS2/HCDR.

I would really like to home demo a supernait in my system.
It is an itch that doesnt go away.
Plus its a SUPERnait

Best way. Whilst the SN 2/3 may be ‘better’, in your own system you may prefer what the XS2 does. System synergy and all that.

You’ve got a nice system anyway so I wouldn’t be in too much of a rush to scratch that itch :slightly_smiling_face:

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I used and use a HiCap DR on both the XS 2 and SN3 amplifiers. Both lovely upgrades. No theories given here.


…if you are not using a TT you would be quite happy with the SN 2. I moved from an XS 2 to a SN 2 and it was a very nice uplift and the HICAP DR adds a nice uplift as well.



Have you tried the XS2/HCDR vs SN3?

The SN3 is streets ahead on its own to a capped XS 2. Faster, more dynamic, refined, you name it.

p.s. best thing to do is to try one in your system, i think you’ll be immediately smitten.

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When is Naim going to upgrade the Nait with a better pot -one with one of a different value - to allow use of the pot up around 12 o’clock where -as Naim already knows- the Nait functions best?

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Personally i found the NAIT XS 2 a little bland and wasn’t as enjoyable as my NAIT 5si. I ran the 5si for six years, my XS 2 lasted only 8 months, SN3 is on a totally different level.

I’ve had a 32.5/ hicap, a 72/hicap with active 250s, and more recently both the SN2 and the XS2, and for my money, the XS2 [or a restored Nait 2 with the phono cards] is probably the best bang for the buck, assuming you’re not stuck with inefficient speakers, ie, get a speaker with high impedance and a benign phase characteristic [more important than high sensitivity].


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