XS2 or SN2 for a comeback

that is the question :smiley:

to start, I have to remember my hifi history with NAIM :
(in bold what I have now)

Sources :

  • NAIM NAT03
  • NAIM CD2

Amplifiers :

  • NAIM NAC42.5 / NAP110
  • NAIM NAC42.5 / HICAP / NAP110
  • NAIM NAC32.5 / HICAP / NAP110

Speakers :

  • NAIM SBL MKI with MKII Drivers

but now I’m looking for new speakers and ProAc Tablette 10 have my preference.

to go with these lovely shoe box, my Qute will be OK
but I know myself, and I’m pretty sure I want to go further.

and this is my question, to stay on an integrated
which one can be the perfect one with the ProAc speakers ?
XS2 or SN2 ?

thanks for your answers


Hi and welcome,

I’m afraid i don’t know your speakers but I’m sure you’ll get some responses soon.



I believe the Tablette 10 would work with either XS 2 or SN 2. I ran a pair of ProAc D2’s with both of the integrated amps and the sound was wonderful.

If you do a search with ‘ProAc Tablette’ you will find at least 20+ threads that have the speaker your looking at listed. Many folks use the Tablette 10 on a variety of systems in the NAIM system hierarchy. Search can be your friend.

Yes you’re right. look at these thread immediately

Welcome, @anon35295649.

These speakers have a nominal impedance of 10 Ohms, and a sensitivity, relatively below average, of 86 dB 1W/1m; and the manufacturer recommends between 10W and 50W amplification.

I have the SE version, but I do not know if I can be of great help to you, because I do not have them with Naim but with Marantz, specifically the HD AMP-1, a great “small” amp that sounds much more than it costs. According to the manufacturer, it offers 35 W in 8 Ohms (which could be around 45-50 W in 10 Ohms), although in some laboratory tests in Germany it has given more than 65 W in 8 Ohms). This integrated offers a valve-throwing sound, which the boxes appreciate; in fact, it’s a synergy that many owners of these boxes check. I’m delighted with the marriage, really made in heaven.

I haven’t tried them with Naim, though they’ll probably go reasonably well with both of them. However, in my opinion, they may be both too powerful for the boxes; but, well, people buy cars of more than 100 hp that can’t be optimized on any of today’s roads…

Particularly, I have the SN2, now waiting for the SN3, with ProAc, but the K6.

For tastes, colors…


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