XS2 upgrade path question

A simple question, assuming anything to do with Naim is simple?
I have an XS2 with Flatcap XS into a NAP 200DR.
I am considering a NAC 202 which should work well with the 200.
Obviously I will need a different power supply.
Sources are vinyl with Origin Live phono preamp, CD5XS and Nakamichi cassette.
Sensible suggestions on my next upgrade please?
Thanks in anticipation.


You won’t need a different PSU, the FC will power the 202, the question is is whether it will sound better powered by the FC or the 200 which can power the OC pre-amps up to the 282.

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I think you will need a hicap dr and 202 to get the best from the 202. I was disappointed when I had a 202 /200 and it needed the hicap.

Urm not sure on that I ran both my 202 and later 282 with the 200 and thought it very good. Yeah a HC would be better but not a showstopper.

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NAPSC first, then HiCap DR. Both will yield a sizable SQ upgrade over the 200 DR PSU, which is overrated in my experience. The NAPSC will add finesse, while the HiCap DR will blow life into the music in a way that’s hard to describe.

Never got to try the FlatCap XS with the 202, but I used to run it with a 152XS and to my ears it was clearly better than the 200DR power supply.


Please remove the FCXS from your XS2. You will then get the benefit of the DR tech in the NAP200DR, where the DR is a preamp power supply.

Then make your preamp choice accordingly…

The NAP200DR is great power amp with the best in the box preamp power supply that Naim make. Or rather made.


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The 200DR does a better job of powering a preamp that the older 200. I would happily use it to power a 202, meaning that you could sell the XS2 and Flatcap to fund it.
Add a Hicap later if you feel the need. Again I would recommend the DR version.

And also a NAPSC, both are a must to see what the 202 is capable of.

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